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Nov 05, 2008


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Bill Cameron

Helluva day to be an American! Congrats, Guilford County!


You know, nobody in North Carolina had even ever met a secessionist until Sarah and Todd showed up.


Anyone got a Photoshop (I suppose real will do, too) of Lindsey Graham in a pair of speedos?

Based on this comment of his:

“John McCain’s going to win North Carolina. I’ll beat Michael Phelps in swimming before Barack Obama wins North Carolina. Don’t let me down because I can’t swim.”

I think that'd be worth viewing.


why the f*** is NC result not yet FINALIZED ???????


why the f*** is NC result not yet FINALIZED ???????

Provisional ballots. I gather that, first, they have to do a precise count of all the ballots, then examine each one to determine if it is legal, and then do the actual vote count.

And, there are more of them than the current Obama-McCain margin.

Guilford County: More evidence that McCain's and Palin's rhetorical appeals to the GOP base did more harm than good. Reagan managed to make the same appeals without using such repugnant language. That is, the Great Communicator had better code words.


You know, of course, that the Greensboro MSA has a bigger population than the whole state of Alaska! So much for "small towns."


Bush's "good economy" with its "solid foundation" cooked Palin's and McCain's geese.


"Helluva day to be an American!"

Better enjoy it while you can. Barack Hussein Obama's SS, er I mean Civilian Security Force will be coming to the streets near you soon.


"Better enjoy it while you can. Barack Hussein Obama's SS, er I mean Civilian Security Force will be coming to the streets near you soon."

Could you be anymore brainwashed? Guess why Obama won? Because the GOP fear tactics are not working anymore. Same thing as... "Hes going to take all of our guns!"...."He's a terrorist!!"...."He's a Muslum!!"..."He's a communist!"

I guess you better move to Canada....don't let the door hit you on the way out...


Lets not forget, Obama pretty much promissed all of his constituency a federal rebate check for all of those on the lower end of the income scale (ah, that would be the 40 something percent who pay no taxes). So like the woman who vocalized this sentiment in CA last week (I don't have to worry about paying my mortgage, or buying gas, or docotor bills...I am voting for Obama) how does McCain compete in NC agianst that with the screwed up campain plan that his crack staff put together? He couldn't and didn't.
And the next "ananomous" McCain sore looser staffer that trashes Sarah Palin best take a good long look in the stinking mirror....because it was YOUR FAULT!!


Ahhhhh, Republicans do make me laugh. Much sour grapes I see. Let's just face it, the better candidate won, pure and simple. Get over your bad selves. The last 8 years has been dominated by fear mongering, war mongering, misogynistic, racist Republicancs and look at how much good it caused. SNARK! It's time to give hope a chance for change.

Jeffrey Sykes

Oh, Sonya, I know. It's so true. I mean for the first time on Tuesday night I actually was proud of my country. It was like being liberated from tyranny. I mean, I cried tears of joy and I felt like, OMG, there is freedom and equality and all that stuff I learned about in my 8th grade civics class is actually true.

Now that we are free from the racist Republican cabal of Bush/Cheney and the last eight years of fear mongering, war mongering, misogynistic thuggery of those who would deny us our basic freedoms I can actually say "free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we're free at last."

I mean, gosh, history started in January 2001 and the last eight years have been such an oppressive time. It's so refreshing to know that an intelligent man will be in the White House soon and all our problems will recede at the mere scratching of his cheekbone with his middle finger.


Oh an Sarah is an idiot. Did McCain actually think women were that stupid?

First women were accused of only voting for Clinton because she was female and now we are blamed for not supporting a female candidate in Sarah. See, we weren't just wanting a vagina in office when we voted for Clinton.

Jeffrey Sykes

Oh, Sonya, you completely read my mind! I mean, who does she think she is? She is so common and vile and like hillbilly coming from freaking Alaska. How could she ever connect with someone like me, with my I-pod and my Hollister tee-shirt boping across campus to the Obama rally where they offer to pay me in pre-paid gift cards for Glitters!

Yeah, I know the issues, I've watched the Daily Show EVERY night for three years now, so I know that the better man is in the White House.

That trashy ho from Alaska didn't even know Africa was a continent. Well she better know better than to come back to this continent. None of the Palins are welcome in the lower 48 as far as I'm concerned.

I wonder if she can use proper conjunctions?

Tony Wilkins

You're on a roll JS. LMfatAO.

Jeffrey Sykes

OMG, Sonya, what is this woman thinking.

We better get on her quick. What can we hit her with?


Sykes needs his medication adjusted again. Distictive signs of hypomania. Tell them you want more lithium, Jeff. We all know what happens when you start getting creative. We trying to warn you, so it won't be our fault

Jeffrey Sykes

Timbo: That's good stuff.


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