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Nov 05, 2008


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Hassle's loss was a big surprise. He has a stellar reputation.

Patrick Eakes

Hassell's loss was the most disappointing result for me last night.

David Hoggard

I could not agree more... same with Chuck White.

Robbie Hassel should be be judging, not campaigning.

The whole judicial election thing is plain broken.


Hassell, sorry.


Wasnt me. I voted for all three.

But how do we fix it? As an R in a century old D state appointments are just as scary.

Im game though.


I've long been convinced that voting for judges is a bad idea. The way Federal judges are selected--by executive appointment with legislative approval--strikes me as a fairer and better way to select judges at all levels.


Fairer in what way? We have had three Governors with an R behind their name in 100 years and Im not sure how long it has been in the State legislature since Rs were viable. The state level Ds arent exactly known for their proper actions these days. Cronyism is a real fear.

Never the less, probably still better than voting. We gotta do something. Its a mess.


It takes a very diligent, educated person to truly know the difference between voting for one judge or another. I consider myself one of those and I still left more than half the judge races blank. And, as a registered Dem, I didn't appreciate the yellow postcard "democrat" judges info that was being handed to me in front of the courthouse. it might help if we get rid of straight ticket voting in NC. I do think the legislature should be involved as they are the elected officials representing us and can do a better, more thorough, job of vetting the candidates than can the general public. cronyism is possible, but probably wouldn't be the norm.


The Obama get out the vote effort had consequences. This was one of them.


How about involving the Bar?


It wouldn't take much to convince me to support the appointed w/legislative approval route. My guess is that almost every voter is almost entirely ignorant of almost all the records and qualifications of all the judicial candidates. I'm also pretty sure few of us have any real clue what these judges actually do.

Dave Ribar


You're breaking your campaign promise.

Ed Cone

Actually, I'm interested in hearing Sam's thoughts on the judicial selection process, as he knows more about judges than most of us (although as a lawyer he may feel constrained from commenting).

sean coon

spag, hardly anyone does their homework on judges. blaming hordes of new voters and minorities is bullshit. wait... i forgot your M.O.

continue on, senior douchebag.

Ed Cone

Election's over. Can we ease up on the invective a bit?

A legit question would be, why would a high Democratic turnout hurt Robbie Hassell?


"The Obama get out the vote effort had consequences. This was one of them."

Once again, the party of personal responsibility rises to the occasion. How about, Republicans screwed things up so bad that it hurt Rs all the way down the ticket.

sean coon

i didn't spice up my distaste for spag just for the election season, ed, but i can respect the request.

to answer your question: because the average person doesn't read up on judges. including me and most people i know.

Ed Cone

"Republicans screwed things up so bad that it hurt Rs all the way down the ticket."

Robbie Hassell is a Democrat.


I think they all lost to females. Odd. Connected to first timers, young or minorities?

Did they all lose to folks listed on the Dem hand out?

Anybody know?

Some rich dude in Charlotte got elected and he is not even an attorney!

Yep, definitely broken.

Elizabeth Wheaton

Spag may know about judges, but he sure doesn't know about the Obama GOTV campaign if he thinks we focused on (ignorant?) young voters and minorities. I did canvassing both door-to-door and by phone. The lists we used covered all neighborhoods and all ages. The only qualifier was political affiliation--Democrat or unaffiliated. Period.


I'd like to hear what Spag as an attorney has to say-rather than let's take cheap shots at him in general from the Obama folks.


I'm also curious about Sam's suggestion that the Obama GOTV effort had an adverse impact on Hassell (who is, as Ed notes, a Democrat and was, so far as I'm aware, included on all the Democrat-leaning handouts). My expectation would be that newer voters might be less informed on the judicial races and so either go along with what they see on a handout or just skip those races. But since I'm a newcomer to these parts, perhaps there is something else I'm missing.

By sheer coincidence, Hassell was the only judicial candidate I actually know, because he's been very supportive of the law school. So I too was very sorry to see him defeated.



From whence did you garner any mention of "ignorant, young, minority" ? Did I miss a post?


Can we hear what Spag has to say AND take cheap shots at him too?

Isn't the complaint--that voters are not generally informed about the qualifications of judicial candidates--also true of other races? Should we let only CPA's vote for auditor? Stock brokers for state treasurer? How am I supposed to know which candidate will do a better job inspecting all the elevators in the state?

David Hoggard

For what it's worth, and what Spag may have been alluding to: Hassell, White and Enoch, all white men, were defeated by relatively unknown black women.

Did someone throw the coal to the old Greensboro Underground Railroad in Michael King's absence?


I'm also very disappointed about Judge Hassell's defeat at the polls but have a question and very little time to do the research today. Compared to the number of presidential votes (or even senatorial) cast in Guilford County, how did the number compare to the judicial votes cast? (I think my question really is: did people bother to go that far down the long ballot?) A second question might be to compare them to the bonds votes. Just curious if anyone has the time or inclination.

[standard disclaimer: TechTriad built Judge Hassell's Web site]

Elizabeth Wheaton

Don't misquote me, Mick. I put the word "ignorant" in parentheses, with a question mark. That reflects Spag's tenor throughout most of his posts regarding the campaign on this blog, and as with his comment above, many of them have been flat-out wrong.


Robbie is a good judge and I have voted for him in his last two elections.

I stand by my previous statement that the Obama ground game played a role in his defeat.

Avery Crump is a friend of mine, and I am happy for her that she won.

Ed Cone

It wasn't the Obama folks handing out voter guides for local judges. Who was behind that?

John Burns

Judges aren't on straight ticket.


This wasn't done yesterday. The three candidates that won had a clear lead based on the early voting before the precincts were even counted. The Obama get out the vote effort brought a lot more people to the polls for good reason. It was a historic event.

John Burns

I'm surprised Robbie Hassell lost. I would be even more surprised if he didn't pick up a special judgeship somewhere over the next year or so. He's got a lot of friends in Raleigh.

Tony Wilkins

Ed, the judges list was on a small yellow sheet and the same people handing them out asked if you wanted to know how to vote a straight DEM ticket. I assumed it was the local DEM party but I don't know for sure.


When my wife gets to a judicial race and doesn't have any info on them she always goes with the female. It makes me crazy. Maybe we all do it to some extent. I tend to favor veterans.


You have not been out of the jungle, caves, trees, animal skins or the pond long enough to know how to keep from making decisions against our own interest or mine for that matter. The decisions you think that you are making by casting a ballot, pledging allegiance or confirming your faith serves only the interests of the institutions seeking power over you. The subcult which promises to redistribute the spoils of the prudent, industrious and wealthy won a narrow victory over the subcult which promises to subjugate the poor of the planet. It is difficult to pick a favorite in that dungbeetle race. Keep scratching your noggins over the outcomes, neosapiens.



But you can misquote Spag?

So we agree you assumed Spag's intent. That is some times the problem with idealogues.... they extrapolate meanings and run with it.

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