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Oct 27, 2008


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I voted today, and would agree that the NC ballot is fairly confusing. But it seemed less so than the California ballots I dealt with in 2004-2006. They were giant sheets of paper, where you marked your choice in pen by filling in the missing part of an arrow next to the candidate's name. If that were not annoying enough, there were (at least) two separate sheets, one for national and state offices/issues and another for local offices/issues. I don't know if they are still using those this year.

One thing I did like about the California ballots was the ease of writing-in. On the NC touch-screen, I couldn't figure out how to write in, and had to forgo my tradition of casting my vote in uncontested races (or even in some contested ones where I dislike all listed candidates) for the likes of "Hugh Jass" or "Haywood Jablome" (my choice for U.S. Representative against Nancy Pelosi in 2006).


I voted last week on a touch screen system and it was EASY. I'm wondering if this is a case of lowering expectations.

Ryan Irelan

At the early voting location I used they gave everyone an extra slip of paper pointing out the fact that President was not part of the straight-party ticket.


I just voted and wasn't confused, but then, I knew about the issue. But, there was a notice on the door and the person who set up my machine told me about it. As long as that's the norm, it really shouldn't be a problem, although I'm not sure if that's the norm.


I voted early last week in Durham and not only were there multiple signs everywhere about straight ticket/president, the election official who handed me my ballot pointed it out. The entire process was nice and easy (no waiting) and took all of five minutes.


A lot of this potential confusion could be eliminated by rewording the ballot. What's wrong with a ballot that says something like "Check here if you want to vote for every X Party candidate, including the presidential candidate."

Poll workers warned me about the issue, and I don't think many who actually start at the top of the ballot and read what it says would be confused.

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