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Oct 12, 2008


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David Wharton

Great column!

Mountain Shout

"A man stands across the street, watching from a safe distance. It is Barack Obama."

Uh, that wasn't partisan at ALL. I guess he was watching from across the street since his buddies Fred and Fan helped set the building ablaze. Plus, he was polling pissed off citizens across the street to decide whether he should LOOK outraged, or just stare safely from said distance.

Besides the Dem backpatting, this was quite the satirical piece, Ed. From hence forth, we should start looking ahead to the derivatives crisis and credit cards, as well as the coming entitlement collapse. Which means we probably shouldn't add new layers of redistrib during the Obama admin. As if!

Ed Cone

Holy missed point, Batman! Not only are Fannie and Freddie cited in the piece, but Obama is seen standing at a safe distance during the deliberations on a solution -- pretty much as your comment says.

That said, my opinion column is not supposed to be neutral, it's supposed to say what I think is going on in the world.

I do think Fannie and Freddie played a role, but, as the column says, they were just one factor, and a factor overstated by many critics.


"Uncle Sam: Just charge all the repairs to my account. That's what I've been doing for the past eight years. "

Uncle Sam has memory problems...or is this more satire?

Mountain Shout

"That said, my opinion column is not supposed to be neutral, it's supposed to say what I think is going on in the world."

Yes, yes, Ed. Obviously, you don't hide your Lib sympathies in your opinion pieces, or here. AND there isn't a thing wrong with that. More power to you. MY POINT is that The One stands at said distance for lack of decision making chops. Of course, all he really has to do now is protect the ball and trot out the four corners.

Now, concerning Fan and Fred, and your piece written recently on Americans attitudes towards that most odious of bogeymen, "teh Socialism", I suppose you'll get that wish after all. You're pretty old, Ed (NO offense, spoken by a pup) but 30 years from now we'll see a United States were "Love goes to die". Should be a run ride.



Whatever. Nice column.

Fred Gregory

NBC tried and failed to put this down the memory hole.

Yank This


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