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Oct 02, 2008


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Brian Clarey

Remember, this piece was about Creative Loafing going Chapter 11.
We were blown away when they bought the Chicago Reader and the Washington City Paper. I guess they were, too.

Brian Clarey

Also, interested in your take on CL's plan to pour their resources into their internet products...


Even if one assumes that a "newspaper" must have a print edition, the old presses are a drain. There is new technology, essentially large digital-to-paper ink-jet printers, that could offer not only a streamlining of print production, but would also provide an opportunity for exciting new print products, such as papers customized for each subscribers interests.

Buying a newspaper without an eye towards modernizing print production would be a big mistake. Starting a newspaper from scratch, organized from the ground up for new media might be cheaper.

Oh, and I heard Landmark has made a counter offer for the N&R (through Lehman Brothers, no less) to suitor WEHCO.


The N&O this morning has another page one editor's message telling us about today's layout changes. We've seen a bunch lately, all aimed at shrinking the newsprint bill.

And, there's a splash telling us we can buy any photo we see in the paper. Presumably, we always could if we asked, but now someone seems to have tagged it as a revenue stream. I recommend lots and lots of school activity photos, preferably closeups.

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