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Oct 25, 2008


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That's why they call it "Talking Points Memo" or "spin in it against McCain".

From the original story:

"On Thursday, before police said the story was a fake, both the Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin campaigns released statements about the attack.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice," the Obama-Biden statement said.

So it looks like the Obama campaign also showed a willingness to believe it.

TPM article also says this:

"As I said above, we did not find direct evidence of the national McCain campaign pushing this story. But Gov. Palin did call Todd after the purported attack, as did Sen. McCain. And news of these calls was provided to the press."

So Palin and McCain calling the phony victim is somehow an endorsement of her story, but the Obama camp issuing a statement of regret is not. This is crap, and you know it. Exactly the kind of dishonest spin and hate mongering from liberals like you that I parodied.

Also in the TPM piece is this beautiful line:

"To believe that two separate local news organizations made the identical mistake with the same quotes and are now both covering it up is simply not credible."

Yet, that is exactly what happened with the whole "kill him" myth that the media spread and Barack Obama even mentioned in the debate. Two separate news organizations, identical mistake. Not credible. No worries because it was used against McCain and therefore the truth does not matter only the spin.

From KDKA's site today:

"Todd initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield Wednesday night and that the suspect began beating her after seeing a John McCain bumper sticker on her car.

Todd claimed that the mugger even cut a backwards letter "B" in her cheek...According to police, Todd said she thought of Barack Obama when she saw the "B" in her rearview mirror."

Notice that NOWHERE in those statements from the station that TPM keeps talking about is there any mention of the McCain campaign telling KDKA anything about this. It is clear that KDKA got their information from the police, not McCain.

Ed, you are so predictable. If you were honest, you would tell the truth and admit that it was the police who told the media that the "B" was for "Barack" based on what the woman said and it was the woman who said the attackers were black, not the McCain camp.

But telling the truth just doesn't matter when so much is on the line. I get it. Always the cause first.


"Notice that NOWHERE in those statements from the station that TPM keeps talking about is there any mention of the McCain campaign telling KDKA anything about this."

Some of the information in the original story was indeed specifically attributed to the McCain campaign, but the station removed those paragraphs from the story after a call from the Obama campaign pointing out that it was irresponsible to allow the McCain campaign to spin the story before the facts had been confirmed. You can see the paragraphs that were removed here.


So the station lied to help McCain. Follow the links, Anthony. There is no mention of what TPM claims nor any proof to support it. His own links don't even say what he claims.

Duke of Denton

Now my wife wants me to scratch a backwards B in her face as she screams "Scr*tch me, scr*tch me, you big black Barrack booster." This McBama thing is getting out of hand. I am the Duke of Denton and I approved this message.

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