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Oct 29, 2008


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Did anyone hear of the decrease in vehicle miles traveled over the summer ?

I think the figure I saw was was -5.6%. But that was ages ago.

More recently - like yesterday – as Robert Rapier points out the Financial Times leaked an IEA report titled
“World will struggle to meet oil demand”

Output from the world’s oilfields is declining faster than previously thought, the first authoritative public study of the biggest fields shows.

To my mind this doesn't make sense to see gas prices down. But Gail the Actuary has written a lot about the why's and wherefore's.

So “acting like gas costs $4 a gallon.” is going to put one BEHIND the curve. Acting like it's $10 a gallon would get one in a much better position.

FWIW, expect major volatility. It's a symptom of resource depletion.


You forgot that the opportunity exists only for Barack Obama, because if John McCain wins nothing he does will be considered taking advantage of any such opportunity, nor will he get credit for doing anything. If he wins, any changes in Iran will have nothing to do with him, but instead be caused by external forces. But if Obama wins, he will get all the credit- even if he does nothing.

Trust me, I am prepared for a continuation of the BDS if McCain wins. He won't even have a chance. Unfortunately, I probably won't get the chance to be proven right.


I'd say this is a pretty dysfunctional definition of freedom. “Gas going down means freedom, even when everyone is worried about the economy,”

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