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Oct 02, 2008


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j. neas

And because I can't help myself, the podcast of my radio show last night includes an extensive interview with Kemp Stroble, GreensboroFest's organizer, and live in-studio performances from a member of Basalt, Molly McGinn and Adam Thorn. Plus a handful of album tracks from various bands playing this weekend.

Click here to check it out and see you at the shows.

sean coon

it's a pretty amazing festival. all 28 bands are local to greensboro -- some with a real local presence and community following, with others just barely on the radar. also, all shows are FREE to the public.

i'm not sure what convergesouth music is doing in a few weeks, but if you're into local, original music, this is a great sampler.

each show is booked to be different from the next, so if you're into singer/songwriters check out the early saturday show at lyndon street. rock is your thing? hit the green bean show friday night for a heavier/alt-version and the blind tiger sat night for more of an indie rock sound.

good stuff.

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