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Oct 31, 2008


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Why do people get up in arms about the Pledge of Allegiance? Or what's on the back of our currency?

One would think people of faith would have enough confidence in God not to imagine that eliminating a few token references would turn us all into heathen Satan worshipers. Right?

Like most of McCain's campaign, these ads will serve to rile up voters who are products of 30 years of right-wing propaganda, who we're either homeschooled by parents who told them the U.S. is on a mission from God or went to private schools that told them the same thing.

I hope this state is now home to enough rational people to ensure Dole's campaign backfires. She's dirtied her hands in the muck Helms left behind.


justcorbly; I take it you are against vouchers?


@ justiceforall

What do you personally expect of a voucher system ?



I'm old enough to remember when homeschooling was the domain of lefties who were wary of the quality of education available in poorly funded schools. With the rise of fundamentalism beginning in the 1970's, many people sought to hide their children from society by taking them out of the public schools and homeschooling them or putting them in private religious schools. This typically was not done out of concern for the quality of education, but out of a concern that the children be exposed only to the ideological and religious themes that have parental approval.

I question the ability of most parents to provide sufficient homeschooling to their kids. Few parents have the time to devote 6-8 hours a day to it, and very few parents have the necessary educational and academic skills.

I've seen plenty of anecdotal evidence of private religious schools teaching students things like "slavery was good" or "America is God's country" or "Christians must rule America" to know that I don't trust them.

The conservative movement has sustained itself by giving permission to millions of Americans to continue in their ill-informed, biased and racist patterns under cover of this cloak of religion. To that extent that vouchers sustain homeschooling and private religious schools, then I oppose them.


Rational people would immediately see the problem created by giving government the control of the education of children. The pledging of one's allegiance to a cloth or image of a cloth and to a republic for which it stands would trouble rational people also. Rational people would also be troubled by the metempsychosis which is reinforced in children and adults by adding the "under God" phrase to a statist,
socialist oath. Now the flag pin or flag image background appears with most social enginners and their shills from outlets of dysinformation. All social conflict arises from willingness to to be identified with words or images that represent our ego boundaries. If reading, comprehension, and math skills were the subject of the oath at the beginning of class, this would trouble a rational person a little less. As far as putting the word "God" on money, it still will not enable any republic, regardless of the allegiance pledged to it, to create value by decree. The psychosis is what makes this possible.

Duke of Denton

Sure looks like the godless Hagan's Pagans have been taken to the woodshed by the godmores. The godmores seem to know whats best for us, our wombs and our savings. But the leaders of both cults..the goldless and the godmores..agree that someone should die for their country and the ones that won't die, well just debase their currency. I love it when them sumbitches work together to fu....I mean fix up the world. I am the Duke of Denton and I approved this message.

Duke of Denton

I just thought of something. If those godless SOBs can take God out of your life and everything else, are they really the kind of people Dole wants to be badmouthing? If they can do all that stuff I wouldn't be poking them with a stick and publishing their pictures on blogs and such...like Tony Wilkins does...I would just STFU and not piss th*m off. That is very strong pee..not to be trifled with. If they can take God out of your life, th* sumbitches can take the life out of God. Very strong pee. Dole is gonna mess up and get us all sent to whiteman Republican hell. I am the Duke of Denton and I approved this message..but not Dole's meddling in the occult. Baby rambo jesus help us all.

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