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Oct 27, 2008


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Joe Killian

A Republican I knew in college actually wrote to tell me that he decided to leave this part of his ballot blank after getting the anti-Atheist mailer. He can't vote for Hagan, he said, but he wasn't going to vote for Dole either if her campaign was going to tolerate that being done on her behalf.

Which is not as big a wow moment as if he'd decided to vote Democrat, but it's hard for me to imagine any situation whereby he'd do that.


I called the Republican state committee two weeks ago to ask to be removed from their mailing list after receiving the hateful junk about Obama. I got more last week and called again, this time I offered some commentary, saying that I didn't appreciate receiving divisive fear mongering. "It's not," said the lady as she hung up on me.


Roch, I think I got the same mailer you got today. Strangely enough along side it, there was a mailer for a bible study organization in High Point that is featuring some discussions about the "end times", the sign of the beast, and the book of Revelations. A coincidence to be sure, but still a bit unnerving.


I'm getting bombard with phone calls and mail from the GOP. It's frustrating.

Tony Wilkins

The latest rumor, confirmed by a Dem honcho that asked to remain anonymous, is that Basnight was going to start allowing Kay to form her own sentences.


Good one, Tony. The only thing I would add to that, is that, if Hagan is elected, God Forbid, if Chuck Schumer will allow her to form her own sentences after his attempt to buy another Senate seat for a like-minded limousine liberal.

Duke of Denton

Guys..I made 3 payments of $66.33 ($199) for my seat on the Bush Rapture Mothership. You laughing liberal hyenas will be roasting in Hadees when I fly over and wave through my window seat at you infidels.

Doug H

Sorry, Duke, but I can't take that seriously if you don't approve that message.

Duke of Denton

sorry Doug..I am the Duke of Denton and I approved that there message.

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