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Oct 30, 2008


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I haven't followed this flap in any depth, but I assume North Carolina has some rules about what and how much can be expensed during official travel. (If it wasn't official travel, then... oops.) Some of the hotel costs didn't seem to me to be all that unrealistic. Astronomical? yes.

The Feds have all kinds of expensing rules. In my experience, at least, contrary to popular opinion, the bean counters actualy keep a close watch on things. I.e, they don't care if you took a limo or a cab from the airport, but they will notice if you expense the ride at some fantastic level, with or without a receipt. Per diem rates for many cities, here and abroad, are woefully inadequate, i.e., they don't cover the cost of a hotel and meals in any neighborhood you'd want our family staying in. There are legitimate ways to get "actual expenses" approved but they are surprisingly little known.

John Burns

I'm sure the issuance of this report today has nothing to do with getting Les Merritt
s name in the papers five days before he loses.

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