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Oct 18, 2008


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Rahm Emmanuel needs to worry about Tim Mahoney and his hush money. He's the guy who replaced Mark Foley. Mark Foley was mentioned and criticized on this blog a lot a few years ago for some reason.

Fred Gregory

Exactly right, Sam, but you forget that Mahoney is a liberal Democrat who campaigned on " family values " . That kind of news has no place on this blog. It is, afterall, the owner's privilege to pick and choose topics for discussion by his choir.

Ian McDowell

That's any blogger's privilege, and Ed does it no more or no less than conservatives do. That's what blogs are FOR.

What I don't see is Ed or any other liberal blogger braying on any local conservative blogs about the particular biases of those blog owners. What is it about you guys that gets your knickers in a twist when Lefties show Lefty biases and post links that make conservatives look bad? That's what we ALL do; we chortle about the stuff that makes those who agree with us look good and those who disagree with us look bad, while ignoring or understating the reverse. It's basic human nature.

Jesus Hussein Christ, Fred's whinging is the kind of thing that's made me most reluctant to fully embrace my own increasing conservativism. Why the Hell must so many of the people who believe (some of) the same things I'm starting to believe be either blubbering wussies or illiterate louts who practically pee themselves anytime somebody disagrees with them?

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