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Sep 04, 2008


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cara michele

I realized today that I am drawn to Palin just as I am to Hillary, and they are political opposites. So what's up with that? I feel similarly drawn to McCain, but not Obama, although I like Obama a lot. It's not an issues thing. I agree and disagree with all four in different areas. (I simply do not fit into the Republican or Democrat or conservative or liberal boxes. I'm an independent.) But thinking about it, I realize that what I feel drawn to is STRENGTH. I want a LEADER. Clinton, Palin, and McCain all three exude strength and power and toughness -- qualities I look for in a leader. As much as I like Obama, and as much as there is to admire and respect about him, I just can't see him opening a can on anybody. I want my prez (and vp) to be able to kick a little when it's called for. I can so see Hillary doing that. And McCain and Palin, for sure. Not Obama. And not Biden. Obama should have picked Hillary.


For those of us not suffering from a fetish for authority, intelligence, reasoning ability, sincerity and pragmatic problem-solving are attributes we seek.


I thought her seven year old was cute.


Roch, still waiting on Obama to demonstrate those qualities.

James Protzman

There are many times I have been embarrassed to be an American. Not just in W's tenure, but off and on throughout the past 50 or so years. Last night was one of those times. The sanctimonious bullshit, the arrogance of an exclusive relationship with god, the gleeful desire to desecrate our earth, it turned my stomach.

Mountain Shout

Roch101, untwist your panties. Half of all university professors demonstrate that which you seek. They aren't running for tenure, but for LEADER. Obama, to his credit, has run a hell of a campaign, which demonstrates considerable executive experience. He's been handled with kid gloves, though. A President MUST command authority, gumdrop multi-lateral UN solutions or not. Doesn't mean he needs to be a cowboy, and I would prefer they're not. But Palin showed more balls last night than Obama has the entire campaign.

cara michele

"For those of us not suffering from a fetish for authority..."

Hahahaha! Love it. ;) Can't wait to show that to ______________.

The other attributes you mention are of great importance, as well, Roch. :)



Why do you hate those who think or feel differantly than you?

I didnt see anything exclusive about her relationship with God (note the capitalization there JP) which also eliminates your "sanctimonious" comment. The use of "desecrate" seems odd and I assume you mean drilling. Watching you and your like minded types go into coniptions is almost worth the problems I have with Gov Palin. Keep up the good work though.

Again, the intolerant left!



"what I feel drawn to is STRENGTH ... I want my prez (and vp) to be able to kick a little when it's called for. I can so see Hillary doing that."

And yet, Obama was strong enough and tough enough to withstand Hillary's attacks and beat her. Maybe he's strong enough that he doesn't feel a need to go around exuding toughness?


"But Palin showed more balls last night than Obama has the entire campaign."

She made a speech on GOP turf, in front of a friendly audience. Not exactly sure how that shows balls...

Mountain Shout

Anthony, she was crucified from Friday through last night. If she bombs, McCain is through, and her political career is over before it ever takes off. Sure, it was delivered in the friendly confines of the RNC, but she brought the hammer. How soon we forget that no one here knew who Barack Obama was before his performance in '04. The same will be said of Sarah Palin. I've heard little talk of Bristol, or Levi, or "troopergate" today.


Mick, everyone knows only the Right Wing is hateful and intolerant.

Always remember that on many of these blogs you are dealing with Left wing extremists who are very bitter because they are so far out of the mainstream and the rest of America, Democrats and Republican's alike, have rejected them. They are REALLY angry at life, not you or me or even John McCain personally.

cara michele

"And yet, Obama was strong enough and tough enough to withstand Hillary's attacks and beat her."

Um, I wasn't really talking about a "word" war. I think you might have missed my point.


"Can't wait to show that to ______________."

The Popo? Mayor Johnson? My mother?

Seriously though, that might have been pushing the bounds a bit. I apologize for being crass and personal.


Oh, I agree that it was a good performance, and definitely puts her on more solid footing. I just don't know that it was super ballsy. What would show some balls would be to do some unscripted interviews with the media. That would be ballsy.

Ed Cone

MS, there's plenty out there today on the trooper story. I think you'll hear more about this, although her strategy now seems to be to delay until after the election.

cara michele

No worries, Roch. :)


"Um, I wasn't really talking about a "word" war. I think you might have missed my point."

Maybe I did - sorry. I didn't realize we were talking about "war" at all. What kind of war then? You want to feel comfortable that he'll go actually kill people in a real war?

cara michele

"What would show some balls would be to do some unscripted interviews with the media. "

Good idea. I wish they'd all do that.


Note to Ed: When I check "remember personal info," it still doesn't. Is it just me? Why does your blog hate me, Ed Cone? ;)

cara michele

Two words, Anthony: Cage match.


I was looking forward to the debates, Michele, but I think your idea might be even better.

Ed Cone

The personal info function hasn't worked in a long time, I don't know why.

To the extent that the blog is defined not by software but by the blogger, it is very fond of Michele.

Mountain Shout

The trooper story will be a non-issue Ed. It certainly pales in comparison to Rezko, Wright, Khalidi, Marshall, etc. Obama surely doesn't want to bring the scandal issue. Is it just me, or has Biden been forgotten lately? Also, for all those calling for off-the-cuff media interviews, do you REALLY want your guy to stumble his way through questions with O'Reilly and company?


"do you REALLY want your guy to stumble his way through questions with O'Reilly and company?"

He's going to, tonight. Now *that's* ballsy.

cara michele

Awwww. Thank you, EdCone.com. Ditto. ;)

Mountain Shout

That's why I mentioned it Anthony. Yeah, it's real ballsy to duck, dodge, juke, and jive a tough interview from Jan. 2007 through Sept. 2008. Takes real guts to give interviews where they handle you with kid gloves and toss softballs. I'm sure he'll handle himself fine, just like Clinton did. He's still got no clothes, though.

Ed Cone

MS, perhaps nothing will come of the trooper issue, and perhaps it will be an embarrassment, or a liability for her. I don't know, and you don't know.

What you said, though, was that you hadn't heard much about it today, as if it had disappeared; I merely pointed you to today's news coverage.

I don't think the relative quiet from Biden is a great mystery. This has been Palin's week, and tonight belongs to McCain. The rest of the campaign is what comes next.


"Good idea. I wish they'd all do that."

Then be sure to check out Obama on Bill O'Reilly tonight.


"has Biden been forgotten lately?"

Nope. I heard him on Sean Hannity this afternoon congratulating Palin on her speech.

Mountain Shout

Ed, the MSM, without fear of backlash, cannot continue to be an Obama patsy and attack dog all rolled into one. In comparison to Obama's various unsavory associations and shady past, they simply won't push the trooper story. Call that an amateur prediction, if you will, but I'll stand by that.


"For those of us not suffering from a fetish for authority, intelligence, reasoning ability, sincerity and pragmatic problem-solving are attributes we seek."
Roch; I thought your were a journalist. It seems to me you have no command of a punctuation mark. I am sure "TIMBO" would be willing to give you a verbal whipping if he was to to read your posting.
I personaly think Palin did an admirable job.
Will I vote for the McCain/Palin ticket?
Nope, I will not vote for anyone associated with the two towers of power.

John Burns

An Andrew Sullivan reader emailed him with this beautiful riposte:

"Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor."


" Roch; I thought your were a journalist. It seems to me you have no command of a punctuation mark." -- John

Naw, too easy.


So if McCain wins, that means Palin killed Jesus?

Are you sure you want to go there with Obama?

John Burns

I don't know Spag, do you? Christ calls us to love and serve our neighbors. I guess you are pulling out the "Obama thinks he's the One" tripe, is that it? I think Rep. Westmoreland effectively pulled the mask off what that really means today.

So, the Republicans like to tell us they are the party of Judeo-Christian values, but when confronted with an opponent who, for at least a large portion of his adult life, tried to live those values by foresaking wealth to work with and for the poor, to teach the poor to fish for themselves, so to speak, how does the party of Judeo-Christian values respond?

Derision. Mockery. Jeering crowds.


And you might want to reread your Gospel if you think the story ended with Pilate killing Christ.

Mountain Shout

If by, "to teach the poor to fish for themselves", you mean raising their class consciousness, ala Alinsky, then yeah, he may have taught the poor to "fish for themselves". Otherwise, he's simply furthering his political career through populist rhetoric. Gumdrops, rainbows, greenbacks, and sticking it to those evil "fat cats".

I smell Robin Hood, and redistribution...Speaking of which, did you ever write that column on the odious overuses of "socialism", Ed?


This thread reminds me why I abhor politics... I've seen McCain AND Obama up close and see merit in them both. Hands down, Obama is a better prompter reader. If that qualifies one to lead the country, I got some old co-workers who should lord over their own islands. As for McCain, his infamous wit doesn't come through as well when anchored to a podium. Doesn't diminish what he did for our country. Or guarantee what he'll do for it should he win the whole enchilada. I like Obama as well - if he doesn't win the presidency, he has one hell of a future as a talk show host. I'm sure Oprah would hook him up with a swank development deal. I think I've been a journalist too long - I'm too used to interviewing both sides of an issue and poretending I agree with either. Perhaps the only thing that completely turns me off are the rabid syncophants who genuflect at the hem of their favorite politico. I don't trust anyone that much - let alone some empty suit. In my not so humble opinion, the elction cycle brings out the very worst in people - from those convinced they got a pipeline to God to those who deify mere mortals 'cause they talk real purty. I remember watching flood victims drop at the feet of Jesse Jackson as he toured a shelter. Still doesn't mean I'd allow the guy in my home. Anyway, I'm rambling. Carry on with the chest thumping.

PS) Some of you people scare the hell out of me.


Speaking of derision and mockery - before Palin's speech last night, I had no idea that community organizers were so useless and ridiculous! Who knew?


John, do you really think that Palin is Pontius Pilate? Your problem is that you only want the Jesus part to be taken seriously and have no argument to align Palin with Pilate. You can't have it both ways where only one part of the joke is to be taken as a serious argument while the other we are supposed to laugh at. You have no evidence that Palin lacks the charity that you assign to Obama, yet you compare her to Pilate.

The reference to Obama's "community organizing" was about his experience, not whether the work he did was worthwhile. This IS a political campaign and your side has ridiculed Palin for what she has done.

As soon as Palin and/or her supporters start touting her as being "Pilate" like, you might have a point. But don't hold your breath. Ridiculous assertions require sarcastic responses.

Obama is Jesus and Palin is Pilate because someone said so is hardly an argument that can be taken seriously, which is why I turned it into the joke that it is.


God, is it Cindy Lou's job to let all the air out of the balloon Palin blew up last night?

John Burns

It's a clever turn of phrase, you pompous blowhard.

John Burns

There I go again, forgetting that Jesus was a Republican free marketeer with a fondness for bombing enemies.

How silly of me.


Silly because we all know that Jesus is a Democrat. That's why he came back as Obama.

From one pompous blowhard to another, you sound increasingly panicky.


If Jesus was indeed a materfactor in order to conceive himself and then have himself murdered with innocents in complicity for the reason of establishing a platform, he could have been a Democrat or a Republican. This is a ploy used by both parties. The one small change is current parties have others murdered or do their murdering to establish a platform. Palin believes that a favored cult was promised the region from Anatolia, to the Euphrates to an ambiguous river in Egypt. Thats the only way either party will vet a candidate.

Ed Cone

MS, Palin is being investigated by the Alaska legislature, not "the media". The investigation results, should they come before the election, will be news. It's pretty much that simple.

Still working on the socialism/taxonomy column, fresh fodder arrives hourly.


Pretending that the press attacks on her have been limited to this trooper story is selective application of facts. That is a legitimate discussion. What isn't legitimate or is at least unfair are the attacks on her family, the scrutiny of her experience while Barack Obama gets a pass, and the questions about her ability to hold office while being a parent while ignoring the same questions as they apply to Biden and Obama. Biden in particular chose to enter office while his family was in crisis.

Dave Dobson

Decrying family attacks while making one is rank hypocrisy. Biden was set on not taking office but was convinced by others to do so; I'm sure it was terribly difficult for him. Way to trivialize a far worse situation than you've ever been in for cheap political gain, Sam. Today, you suck.

Show me a press attack on Palin's family. Real press, directed at the family, not Kos diarists, not directed at Palin herself.


Dave, you are living on another planet. What you wrote makes no sense and is completely at odds with what I have written, the facts, or any objectivity. Try to convince someone that there is a substantive difference between Biden taking office after his tragedy, and Palin taking office with a child with Downs Syndrome. You might convince some of the kooks around here like yourself, but the rest of America won't buy it. Further if you think going after Palin by attacking a 17 year old pregnant girl is fair game, have at it.

Today, and most days you and a large part of the blogosphere are hypocritical, sleazy, angry, oddball kooks. I'd be pissed too if I was a Socialist in America and had my ideas rejected on a regular basis, but that's the Left wing blogosphere for you.

Ed Cone

The trooper investigation thread is a response to a specific statement by MS about the lack of coverage of the trooper story, not a comment on the overall coverage.

That said, Palin is a new figure to most Americans, and the press, so intense scrutiny is a given.

Questions about her experience and readiness to lead are natural and appropriate; saying "nobody asks about Obama" is not relevant, or, for that matter, accurate.

The McCain campaign announced the pregnancy of her daughter. This was a smart strategy, as it would certainly have come out; this is news in a culture that pays attention to candidate families.

I guess I'd need examples of the alleged media attacks over the pregnancy issue to discuss them. Certainly Palin herself made her family a centerpiece of her speech, even linking her youngest child to policy. I do think it's relevant to ask about things like her positions on funding for pregnant teens and sex education.

As Palin herself says about female candidates, "any perceived whine about excess criticism doesn't do us any good."


Please note that once again, Sam has brought the pregnancy of Palin's daughter into the conversation. I pointed this behavior out on his blog, and was told I was off-base with that observation. Yet he's done it again. Sam claims to think it's despicable ans sleazy to make the pregnancy a topic of discussion, yet he's the one who repeatedly brings it up.


Nice circular argument Anthony. I suppose we are required to put on blinders and not call out the press (and the bloggers) for their dirty deed lest we be accused of doing the same. A great way to insulate yourself from accountability.

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