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Sep 24, 2008


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And here I was thinkin' of going to Asheville in a day or so.. Guess I'll wait.


I lived in Asheville for 9 months from June '97 until March '98. I'm glad I left.

Doug H

It's a problem here, too.

The Hess and Sheetz on Wendover by 40 are out.

Jeffrey Sykes

I got an email alert from NFIB last week that said Sheetz and other large chain retailers were opting not to pay the post-Ike prices from the distributors, instead deciding to run out of gas and wait for the price to come down.

I'm trying to find that report again. It said it would take a week or two for the price to come down to a level they would purchase.


A friend of mine works in Nashville (lives in Portland) and called my last weekend to commiserate on the economy and the newest problem - closed gas stations

Since I read theoildrum.com (TOD) daily I was already more informed than my friend. Nashville was on the Colonial Pipeline, like WNC, and that pipeline was affected by the hurricanes. Thus other customers were expected to be affected, depending, among other things, demand.

Here's the most recent thread that's deals with shortages. There are more threads that deal with shortages, just scroll the front page.

Gail, the author, of the linked thread is an actuary by trade. This is consistent with TOD's empirical approach to the subject, in general.

The cheap oil is gone, changes are commin' at ya' !!


Figures. We just got a new camper. :-/ And I'm almost on E in my little Corolla. I'd better go find some gas today!

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