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Sep 23, 2008


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Ed Styers

but orbama is the one who said he wants to outsorce the world to chinas. how come it aint all in his lap? thios is all his falt


I normally try to avoid being the Grammar Police, but I'm going to have to write you a ticket. Have a nice day.


It is the fault of a lot of people.

It is the fault of the business-friendly Republicans for allowing lenders to operate on such a small percentage of cash reserves.

It is the fault of the underprivileged-friendly Democrats for punishing lenders if they didn't give loans to people who weren't likely to be able to pay them back.

And, lest anyone forget...

It is the fault of people who bought way more house than they could afford, and lived way beyond their paychecks, because everyone was doing it.


sch: you should read some of Ben Franklin's rebuttals to his own editorials. Controlling what was printed, he made anyone opposed to his brilliant ideas appear much less qualified to comment on the matter than himself. But I'm certain that tactic is never used in the blogisphere.


For the money to be loaned it had to be printed. To be affordable the money had to be marked down. Follow that trail and see where it leads.

Doug H

That would be to...

The Department of the Treasury!

No, no! The Fed!

No, wait...I'll get it!


I could never get away with that, Beelz. I'm just not smart enough. I'd probably throw up a strawman that turned out to be a realman, or my alter-ego would get pissed at the real me, and post my address & phone number or something. ;/


The same Robert Rubin who is advising Obama on this economic crisis. Ohhh, forgot that, didn't you?


I'm eagerly awaiting the Enron treatment for all involved in the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae fiasco. I mean, after all they lost way more money and hurt way more people while making millions. Shouldn't we be hauling Jamie Gorelick and Franklin Raines into court? Shouldn't Barney Frank be insisting they disgorge the millions of ill-gotten dollars they cheated the taxpayers out of?

Shouldn't Barney Frank be insisting that Barney Frank resign in disgrace for pushing NINJA loans and insisting in 2005 that Frannie and Freddie were doing just fine?

There's plenty of blame to go around, but I'm betting the MSM and much of the blogosphere concentrates on only a few.

Ed Cone

I know he's advised Obama. So has Summers. Talking to the last two competent treasury secs prior to Paulson makes sense.

That doesn't make Rubin's self-justifying take on this subject correct.


No wait Ed, it's guilt by association right? You railed against Gramm-Leach-Bliley and tried to hang that around McCain's neck- but who in the Clinton Administration was the biggest advocate of the bill? Who convinced Clinton to sign it? Who tried to get Enron off the hook? Obama's advisor, Robert Rubin.

I told you this was a fruitless game because both parties have ties to this mess, but you insist on making it partisan. Okay, keep playing. It isn't productive.

Ed Cone

Sam, I've noted since my first post on the subject, and said repeatedly, that GLB was a bipartisan job.

Given the realities of the situation, both candidates are going to be associated with the mess. But I think voters can judge for themselves the degree and nature of those associations.

Gramm is much more closely tied to the McCain campaign than Rubin is to Obama's. McCain's campaign is run by a Fannnie/Freddie lobbyist, and his likely transition head is a Freddie lobbyist. I think that matters. If you don't, or you think all associations are equal, that's your business.


The current "hearings" remind me of Stalin's show trials. The criminals hold court and the innocent are told why they must pay for the crimes of the state. Where the hell is Toto?

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