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Sep 27, 2008


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"Dole just doesn't seem to be trying very hard."

Considering she nearly doubled her net worth from 2004 to 2006 (possibly as high as 69 million), she probably doesn't care anymore. Time to take control of the bridge club, Liddy.


you make my point ever since she trotted back in to this state to run for senate, she has never lived here at all and to see the post where scharrison says she is worth between 69 million dollars , I don't know if this is true or not but she can't even buy one house in this state . Not even a house on the coast or in our beautiful mountains come on Senator Dole. IF you do win it should be a wake up call in how close this race was.This is coming from a person who leans right.


great post on dole residency , WHEREDOYOULIVE


Keith, I posted the income part in a comment below the main story on this diary:



After Jesse Helms announced he was not going to run for another term in 2001, Liddy Dole wasted no time in switching her "residence" from Russell, KS to Salisbury, as well as changing her voter registration. She had the backing of the GOP establishment in the primary, and Bowles never seemed to want to bring up this "residency" issue in the general election campaign for some reason. Dole's current "address" is her late mother's house in Salisbury, and I'll bet she hasn't spent a week there during her tenure in the US Senate.

Due to the political climate, and the fact that Dole does not have any real connection to this state anymore, she has a real struggle just to keep her seat. Her disastrous turn at the helm of the RNC Senate committee in the '06 elections knocked the luster off of her impressive resume, as many insiders felt that the Republicans lost several close elections due to her inability to raise needed funds and allocate the necessary monies where it was needed most. In the post mortem after said election, Dole was nowhere to be found to face the music on any of the political talk shows.

Will Dole have access to the money needed to win this race? She may think of this Senate seat as some sort of entitlement, but I believe a lot of people have been turned off by her seemingly feudal view of the state that she represents. I think many in the Republican party share the sentiments of the GOP insider Ed Cone mentioned. Hagan has the full backing of the DNC, as well as money, and her attack ads have been unrelenting.

Based on all of that, I'd be very surprised if Dole kept this seat in the GOP column, and, believe me, I am no fan of Kay Hagan. I do think that the name recognition that Dole has is keeping this race competetive, as well as Hagan's inability to give voters a reason to vote "for" Hagan, rather than "against" Dole. If Dole is responsible for NC sending another tax and spend limousine liberal to the Senate, I say don't let the door hit you on the way out of the state back to the Watergate (where she has really resided for the last 30 years).


mark, I could not have said it better. Great post on Senator Dole


Thanks for the kind words, Keith. I echo your feeling concerning Dole's decision not to purchase a residence here; they are certainly plenty of nice residential neighborhoods from which to choose. Her net worth would allow her to buy anywhere she desires. Why she didn't do this is very puzzling. I think that she has become so much a part of that DC aristocracy that she wouldn't dream of actually residing here.

Dole needs to emulate her colleague, Senator Burr. He comes back to his residence in Winston-Salem when Congress is not in session. He has no entourage, and from all accounts, he seems to be very approachable. I have never gotten that vibe from Liddy Dole.

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