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Aug 26, 2008


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David Hoggard

I received a copy on CD two weeks ago from a city gov't operative. I should have posted it (50+ page PDF file) and was going to...

The Rhino wrote about it last week and posted a link off of this article: http://greensboro.rhinotimes.com/Articles-i-2008-08-21-183428.112113_Plan_Says_City_Should_Buy_NR_Parking_Lot.html

The study and report is a major undertaking and one that has obviously been in the works for a long, long time. As Hammer points out: now I understand why getting the old Ice House building torn down was such an imperative.

David Hoggard

Sorry about not making that into a hyperlink. Handle that, won't you, Ed?

Forgot to mention...

We are talking about two different reports here.

The one about downtown retail was commissioned by AG and DGI. The one about the "cultural District" was commissioned by the city.

So far, I've not been able to track down when the City study was approved and funded... and by whom.

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