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Aug 18, 2008


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That's a lot of voting for someone you claim isn't doing anything relative to other politicians in the state...


I didn't realize that Kay Hagan voted with the NC Democrats 99% of the time.

A real centrist who reaches out across party lines, huh?

John Burns

Here's the difference, Sam. Kay is one of the Senate leaders. Everyone else is voting with her.

Dole? Not a leader. In fact, very much a follower. A follower in the minority party.

And thus, she's 93.


John, are the Republicans in the State Senate voting with her?


...And how can you explain the 1% then? Was Hagan following the GOP?

John Burns

members of the leadership often cast a vote on the opposite side for procedural reasons. I would think, though I do not know, that at least some of that 1% is as a result of casting such strategic votes. She is one of the top three or four leaders in the State Senate Democratic Caucus (and thus in the Senate).


So your premise is that Hagan could not vote for a Republican bill 99% of the time or oppose a Democratic bill more than 1% of the time?

Ed uses the word "lockstep" to describe Dole's voting record; how is that different from Hagan? Nobody is making Hagan cast her vote with Democrats all of the time simply because she has a leadership position.

Dave Dobson

No way, Sam thinks "the Democrats do it too." Couldn't have predicted that.

Voting with one's party isn't at issue. Obviously, partisans of either party would prefer their candidates do so.

The issue is Bush's toxicity, and the potential usefulness of that in a campaign ad. Why are you even protesting this one? If we had President Kerry, or President Hillary, you'd be thinking of it as a strategy, too. That's one of the few advantages of losing presidential elections all the time - you get to complain about the guy who won.

Dave Ribar


The most contrary Republican in your state senate list voted with the Democratic majority 88.7 percent of the time. Most of the Republicans voted with Hagan and the majority 90 percent or more of the time. Sounds like bipartisan support to me.

Joe Guarino

Or it could be that Republicans tend to be more bipartisan than Democrats when it comes to voting in legislative bodies. I think that was demonstrated once a couple of years ago in the Congress.


Or it could be that parties in power tend not to be bi-partisan because they dont have to be.

And Dole is at 93 because The Rs are no longer in the majority. It was higher before the transfer of power to the Dems.

The defenders of the original post got busted trying to sell Hagan for something she isnt: bi-partisan. Sell her for what she is: A fine politician, a good solid person, successful, well educated, etc.


"No way, Sam thinks "the Democrats do it too." Couldn't have predicted that."

So it's changing the subject to talk about Dole's voting record, but not that of her opponent. Sounds like a one sided ad to me. I withdraw my comments and stipulate that you and Hagan are right on everything, Dave. Obviously that is the result you desire considering you find any comparatives to be foul ball. Let's only talk about what Elizabeth Dole does wrong during this campaign season. Let's attack her for her voting record, but make the voting record of her opponent off limits. That would be fair, not wouldn't it?

Dave Dobson

Thanks, Sam, for acknowledging my absolute rightness on everything. I'll let my wife know - she'll be thrilled.

I'm not sure if your constant misrepresentation of those who argue with you is deliberate or just sloppy. Obviously Hagan's voting record is of interest to voters, and fair game for Republicans to use in their ads. But that wasn't my point, or the point of the post. The point was was that even among Republicans, Liddy votes with Bush more than anybody else, not with her Republican party colleagues. Bush is terribly unpopular, far more so than Republicans in general, and even among Republicans. There's no comparable figure to compare Kay Hagan with, particularly since she's not even in the same legislative assembly.

Don't bother replying, because I'm right, of course.

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