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Aug 20, 2008


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I was and am a supporter of the facility. I am in agreement we must do something to save the facility, period.

This is unfolding just as many said it would. More neglect, sudden findings that "things" are far worst than thought and then the proclamation of "There is nothing we can do. She's got to come down. It's for safety and health and children you know"

Im in. What now.


Ohhhh, "AUDITORIUM". I thought you meant stadium. Nevermind.

Actually, I do believe WMA is a worthy bond project. You vote for mine and I'll vote for yours!

Unfortunately (and I mean that) I am probably voting for both... Ouch! But such is the position we have manufactured for ourselves. Same with schools. Dont build any for 20+ years and then wonder as to why we need so much moola now a days.

Timing is as poor as possible but it is what it is. Let's do this. Who's with me? AHHHHHHHHH

Don Moore

Sorry, I can't buy in on the hype. First and foremost parking is an issue at the coliseum complex. Matt Brown was correct, bulldoze it (after the bond issue fails). Turn it into the ACC Tournament PPP Parking Lot. ACC fans can purchase Permanent Parking Permits for the occasional ACC Tournament - say $1,000 a year to guarentee parking beside the coliseum instead of somewhere near I-40. Imagine the revenue!!!!

The Symphony has already found another place. The only thing that church auditoriums can not offer is BOOZE. You can get the BOOZE at the Carolina Theatre.

$50 Million is a lot to pay for so few to play.

Ed Cone

You know what's sad about the march of technology? In a few years, kids won't understand what I mean when I say "Don Moore is a broken record when it comes to trashing the Coliseum."

Phil Melton

"You know what's sad about the march of technology? In a few years, kids won't understand what I mean when I say "Don Moore is a broken record when it comes to trashing the Coliseum.""

Depends on which kids you're talking to. In fact, sales of vinyl and turntables are increasing yearly, and a large part of that growth is among the young: college age through the twenties. Vinyl is never going to be the predominate medium for music reproduction it was, but it will almost certainly retain viability for people interested in having music systems with the best sound.

David Hoggard

Agreed on Don's ever loyal opposition to anything Coliseum related. Bores the crap out of me mainly because he is wrong and can't imagine what a hole Greensboro would be considered without the Complex.

But Mick had it right above even though he thought the post was about the War Memorial STADIUM instead of the AUDITORIUM.

When you keep neglecting a public facility, pretty soon you are faced with bad and worse decisions about its future.

My and others' past "naysaying" about the probable future of WMS sounds a lot like informed soothsaying about now. Recent revelations about the structural integrity of our old stadium, and the price to correct the myriad problems, are a sad redemption of the fortune telling abilities of many preservationists around town.

John The Catholic

The War Memorial Stadium is worth preserving, if only to use as an outdoor music venue. I recall when the station at 98.7 was called the Zone, they had an event there called Zonefest. They set the stage up in center field, and it worked great. I voted way back in the 90's on the original bond to fund improvements for the ballpark,back when the Bats were still playing there. It went down to defeat (something that was completely lost on John Hammer, who beat the drum against the new downtown ballpark for years). I stopped going to baseball games at WMS and I am glad we have the new downtown park, but I think there can be some uses beyond athletics at WMS. It could be a viable music outlet. And I agree with Mick; the War Memorial Auditorium needs to be refurbished. That can be a much better venue for concerts and theatre. We're getting a lot of top names as it is there, esp. the Broadway series. There are tons of higher quality small venues in the Triangle and Charlotte. Greensboro needs one, too. The Carolina Theatre is nice but a bit too small for some acts. There has to be a viable, decent venue mid-size between the Coliseum and the Carolina Theatre. Cough it up, Greensboro!


The CVM is worth millions and millions and millions in economic impact every year. Personally, I would like to see some kind of number as to how much tax revenue the city gets form those dollars. In my mind, I think the CVM makes money when all that is included. But I really dont know for sure since the numbers are never put out there. Even the WMA PR dude couldnt answer the question. Seems something we should know in order to vote "yea" come November.


What were we thinking to have both a stadium and auditorium with the same name? I hate to say it, but the auditorium (and the coliseum) are an eyesore. If you didn't know it (like me) you wouldn't even know there is an auditorium there. Get a public/private partnership and put it downtown on Roy Caroll's property and have the auditorium downtown where it should be.

Ed Cone

As appealing as a downtown auditorium is, the fact remains that we have one at the Coliseum complex, and it is in need of repair. We can't let it rot.


Mayhaps some folks should venture beyond the friendly confines of Downtown. Perhaps even "all the way out" to the CVM complex. Good stuff happens there from time to time.


I know parking is an issue on rare occasions but is it a regular hassle? Or just when there are multiple venues operating?

Sounds like Don follows the Yogi Bera mantra of "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."

Oh Canada, lets tear thy building down!


Well, if by "we" in the let it rot part, you mean taxpayers, then yes we can. We need more than architectural renderings to show this is worthwhile. Let's see some numbers that show that the City should be in the business of operating this venue. I'm not convinced it is a funding priority. The stadium, on the other hand, is worthwhile. IF, the bond passes for the auditorium, they would do well to involve the citizens before getting too happy with the initial rendering. The auditorium is essentially hidden from view. If we spend all of that money on interior and facade improvements then the area in front of the auditorium ought to be turned into a public plaza rather than continuing to be parking. This would give it a more positive presence on High Pt. Road and it would give people a place to linger and hang out prior to Super Jamz (see City Council meeting from Tuesday) rather than on other people's property.

Roger Greene

Once again I see where this is an issue where the overriding need is so great that a private fund raising drive should be in order. But, alas, they're only willing to go so far as to fight to the last taxpayer. What exactly do we consider luxuries in pressing economic times? I like the auditorium, I'd like to save the stadium too (another wholly different issue, IMO), I'd like a natatorium someday. However, I won't use any of those facilities a great deal, if ever. Should I have my property tax bill further strained for such right now? No. And trust me, the usual suspects won't dare try to promote a sales tax to pay for bonds. That might then fall to many of those who vote for such issues to have to pay up.

Ed Cone

I vote for some bond issues, and I also pay property taxes. Obviously a lot of folks who vote for bonds also own property. I've never seen evidence to support the "renters and college kids" allegation.

This is a tough time to be asking folks for more money. The thing about the auditorium is that it's in disrepair, and we risk both losing business because it's in bad shape, and having it become more and more expensive to fix as time goes on. We should have done it last time, we didn't, it seems irresponsible to keep deferring what needs to be done.

The City needs to a full-fledged campaign to explain this.

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