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Aug 29, 2008


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I should say "... advancing the political power of their faith." We humans have no way to advance our faith. That isn't up to us.

cara michele

@britt: What's your point with the Tina Fey comment? Tina Fey is hot. (So is Megan Mullally.)

Personally, I'm a little weirded out that Palin went back to work when her baby was three days old and that he's still a little tiny person (with special needs, at that) and she's running for vice president. Not a part-time job. There's more to being pro-life than just having your baby. Like, you know, raising it. But hey, I'm old fashioned about these things and we live in a brave, new world, I guess. Most women aren't stay-at-home moms anymore. Alas.


Sarah Palin.
Game over.

Tony Wilkins

Guilford County GOP Chairman comments on Palin:

Brad Krantz

I believe this to be the ultimate cynical ploy by John McCain. To think that this is the way to pick off some the 18 million Hillary/primary voters is pathetic. Yes, some of them were still pissed off but certainly by late Thursday night most had "gotten over it" following the successful, unifying Democratic Convention. From the initial biographical points about her, she appears to be Ted Nugent in a dress...the NRA, eats mooseburgers, ha ha. To think particularly that women are so desperate to get a woman in the VP office that they would disregard her positions, which are totally anti-Hillary, is cynicism at best and a probable major miscalculation at worst. Did gobs of conservative women cross over and vote for Mondale/Ferraro in '84? Of course not. But McCain must believe that the Hillary Liberal Constituency would vote totally against their own interests and ideology JUST BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN.

I believe they will go full-bore on cultural/wedge issues, the ones that have been successful in the past but less so recently. Hail Mary time. With Mrs. Palin, I smell the next fake issue will be to really try to tag Obama with not only the baby killer label because he's pro-choice, but with the LIVE BABY KILLER label tag because of those votes in the Illinois legislature. What better weapon than the new mother of a Down's Syndrome baby to try to navigate the low road. Why she had the genetic tests at 4 months to find out if the baby was normal, excuse me, "normal," is a mystery IF she would have NEVER considered abortion, an option that she would apparently close and criminalize (the doctors AND the mothers?) to all other women if she and her ilk had their way.

I worry for Cindy McCain, as John has a history of dumping wives for younger, healthier models. She's better watch out.

Fred Gregory

Sicko !!!!! You know who you are.


Palin had the CHOICE to carry the child to term as opposed to the THREAT of illegality had she decided to carry her child to term. This is something that we must remember in this circumstance. She was willing to take all the responsibility of her choice but some women may not be able to take this responsibility.
I'm sorry, but it seems to me that this kind of decision should not be left to others.


What is McCain Thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective.


Brad, is there any water left in that tank? I mean really there is a disconnect, a cognitive dissonance.

I guess I no what to look forward to from now until November.

I'm sure you and Britt's coverage of the RNC convention will be fair. 'Cause we all know you aren't in the tank for Obama. Deepen your voice a little more and you will sound just like Keith Olbermann. He's just as fair and balanced.

Just admit it, and let's move on. The denial is the most disappointing part.


She ain't all that bad:

Sarah Palin Compliments Obama on Energy


Palin rejected Bridge to Nowhere because Congress wouldn’t fund ENOUGH of it


Keith Olbermann is supposed to be fair and balanced? Hmm. News to me.

Bob Summer

This is pure genius, on the day Obama was expecting to bask in the glow.....McCain give all of the disgruntaled white women a place to go and feel good about after Obama "beat-up" the closest chance women will get to having a presidential candidate since forever.... but possibly sets up a succession that allows the Repubs to sieze the high ground in the female race to the White house... The party of Lincolin will be the part of the first woman ! WoW ! Who would have thought..... perhaps they really have something over there.....hummm....

....you see .... genius !

Brian Clarey

"Ted Nugent in a dress."

Can we just take a moment here and appreciate that one?

Here's another thought:
It's a little bit like Don Vaughn being named to the ticket, though he's got a few more years in politics. And he's a dude.


Here we go again - making it all about abortion.
If everyone actually thinks this way, then we deserve the poor leaders we seem to pick.
For instance, ever think about why abortion is chosen in the first place? Could it be lack of education and resources? Lack of adequate birth control? Maybe if we addressed these things properly rather than hooting that it should be made illegal we could make it a thing of the past.
In my opinion, it will always be about control. That is why conservatives also lean towards control of contraception methods - which to me seems like a contradiction unless you see the underlying need.
Most people are not rabidly pro or anti abortion, but they do want more seriousness on the subject and less hyperbole. As long as we use the issue like a tennis ball lobbing from court to court we will get nowhere and women, children and families become the losers.

Ged Maheux

Conservative David Frum is already starting to have about the Palin pick and with good reason.

Politico's Jim Vandehei says the choice reflects specific things about McCain: He's desperate, he's a gambler, he's worried about his age, he's worried about his conservative base and that McCain is still basically McCain (he marches to his own beat).

And Robert J. Elisberg calls the pick "the worst Vice-Presidential nominee in U.S. history". His choice of Palin insults women everywhere and Americans in general. He could have picked women with far greater experience than Palin, but chose not to for fear of upsetting his base.

All in all, the spotlight on Palin is turning sour VERY quickly.


Palin has changed already..from plugging Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in previous interviews but not BushLite. This is the change we all need. A woman changing her mind. Has this ever happened?

Brad Krantz

... and when we reside back in 1950's
Palin-eoconservative world, where the government, which of course is always the problem but never a solution, uses threats and force of law to make women have Down's Syndrome children against their will, will the necessary government support systems... the expensive schools necessary to educate these kids, be part of the plan? Of course not, since good fiscal conservatives like Mrs. Palin surely don't believe that kind of care is a government responsibility and they love to cut those types of programs and call them "waste."

There is a hell of a difference between getting 18 million votes ON YOUR OWN as a candidate out there, versus being APPOINTED to be the VP nominee. It is, in fact, no "achievement" whatsoever, when you think about it. G. Ferraro was a similar desperate pick by Mondale in '84. Mrs. Palin is a national blank slate, Sen. McCain barely knows her personally, but she's lifetime NRA and Right to Lifer, her son is going to Iraq (so is Biden's), she's hot (Kay Bailey Hutchinson was never seriously considered... not attractive enough and too old). Qualified!

I predict the old Phony Republican Playbook will be trotted out the next 65 days..."family values," guns, abortion, patriotism, Elect Democrats and You Will Die, and the most difficult subgroup in
America that can't catch a break is the Rich, White, Overtaxed Christian Male.


Frum is a neocon so who cares what he thinks? Elisberg is a liberal and just pushing the spin, Vandehei raises some interesting points but the article is less about Palin than it is about McCain. Let's compare the number of conservatives unhappy with the Palin pick with the number of liberals upset that Obama didn't pick Hillary. Ged you are the king of wishful thinking.


"I predict the old Phony Republican Playbook will be trotted out the next 65 days..."family values," guns, abortion, patriotism, Elect Democrats and You Will Die, and the most difficult subgroup in America that can't catch a break is the Rich, White, Overtaxed Christian Male."

Phony because they aren't important to liberals. Abortion is phony unless you are pro-choice, then conservatives threaten to trample your rights. See how that cuts both ways Brad? If it's phony why did you just go off on it and how it was under seige?

Guns? Well, that isn't the issue it used to be after the Supreme Court decision.

Patriotism? That's phony, now isn't it?

Elect Democrats and You Will Die? How about Elect Republicans and they will starve your elderly parents, make your children go to school hungry, kill you because you don't have health care. Give me a break Brad. Are you really that blind to the tactics of your own party? I don't care if you are registered "independent", your words show where your views are.

As for the last part, I don't recall that being an issue raised by McCain or any other GOP candidate, so that is the phony issue on your part. I suppose there is a difference as well between the and the Rich, White, Overtaxed Christian Male and the Rich, White, Overtaxed Jewish Male because you know the religion of the wealthy white guy is important. And if you are a Rich, Black, Overtaxed Christian Male you can vote for Obama just because he is black like you even if he does raise your taxes.

So while you rail about the "Republican playbook" you demonstrate that you are playing straight out of the Democratic playbook which is to portray Republicans as heartless, greedy, rich-but-rednecky bigots who want to starve your grandmother.

I really wish you would read some of these diatribes that you write here on the radio and then continue to claim to your listeners that you aren't a liberal or in the tank for Obama and are being fair. Far fewer of them read the blogs so you can get away with it, but for those of us who listen and read the blogs, the idea that you and Britt are fair and balanced (even though Britt tends to be more fair during these election cycles) is really untenable. It's okay to be in the tank, just admit it and be honest with your listeners and cut the "fairness" b.s. out.

Now that I have that out of the way, have a nice weekend and I will tune in again on Tuesday morning even if you do at times make me scream at the radio.

P.S. It's nice how Palin's qualifications line up against Obama's. It's also funny how you didn't seem to care too much about Obama's lack of experience but now suddenly experience matters- just not Obama's.

P.P.S. All the talk about experience is playing right into McCain's hands like I said that it would yesterday in my first post on the subject.

Dave Dobson

"Elisberg is a liberal and just pushing the spin..."
How does this criticism not apply to a conservative? I'm pretty sure those folks over at The Corner are spinning pretty hard too.

Hard to defend this one on the merits, I'd say, but McCain didn't have great choices (Mitt? Rudy? Lieberman?). I think Obama had a few more options, and went with an unexciting but safe and strong one. I think Romney would have been McCain's Biden equivalent, and the others come with probably insurmountable problems. Instead, he rejected them in favor of an weird unknown. I think it'll probably come back to bite him, and there are signs of that already this week. He did successfully smother coverage of Obama's speech, but this short-term gain won't be worth the long-term cost of running with her. When she's asked about issues she's never had to (or chosen to) consider, her lack of experience may become glaringly obvious. Unless she's a really quick study.

Quayle didn't kill G.H.W. Bush's first run, but it didn't help, and Dukakis isn't Obama in a whole host of ways. Nor is G.W. Bush Reagan. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


" When she's asked about issues she's never had to (or chosen to) consider, her lack of experience may become glaringly obvious. Unless she's a really quick study."

Are you talking about Palin or Obama?

Keep up the attacks on experience, they lead right back to Obama.

Brilliant tactic from McCain.

Dave Dobson

Way to ignore what I wrote, Sam.

In what way has Obama demonstrated inexperience, as opposed to being accused of it? I haven't seen any major issue where he's not up to speed. If Palin says things on the campaign trail like "when I talk about the plan for the war, let's make sure we have a plan here. And respecting McCain's position on that too, though," I think that would be damaging.


"In what way has Obama demonstrated inexperience, as opposed to being accused of it?"

And Palin?

Obama's vote against the Iraq war while in the Illinois legislature is about as meaningful as Palin voting on the resolution while a City Council member.

Palin has held elective office longer than Obama. She has accomplishments in her short tenure as governor, Obama has none as a Senator for the same period of time.

Keep it up. The discussion about experience is welcome because Obama is running against John McCain, not Sarah Palin.

Ben Holder


Obama is going to get elected. Your party doesn't have that strong of a ticket and you cannot cheat and get away with it anymore. Get over it. Even if what you say is true ( and it is totally not) you still can't see the writing on the wall. Even if you are right, Obama is still going to win. Can't wait for the GOP Convention to start. Obama captured the nations attention as did Biden during the DNC. McCain and Palin will only inspire those who run around screaming about being against abortion and gay marriage's. Really, this election is not about those two topics. It is about rebuilding the American Dream and restoring America's world wide reputation. McCain and Palin will fail miserably. Why does it matter it homosexuals get married? Why do you care? Why on earth are you so worried about abortions? You aint gonna have one, are you? These are big time issues for your party right? It is time for a change. Y'all had your eight years (stole them) and the results have been real shitty. Now it is our turn. I suggest you just get ready. A married gay interracial couple may move in next door and start adopting illegal aliens any day now.

Dave Ribar


From Charles Krauthammer, noted socialist:

The Palin selection completely undercuts the argument about Obama's inexperience and readiness to lead ... To gratuitously undercut the remarkably successful "Is he ready to lead" line of attack seems near suicidal.

Dave Dobson

Sam, you're still ignoring my point. If you want to twist yourself into some bizarre quantitative calculation where a few years as mayor of a tiny town, some time on a state energy board, and 18 months as governor of a small state makes one an effective national leader, fine.

I'm saying, ignore the silly math, and look at who looks ready to go. Obama does; he's been tested by a very tough campaign, and he doesn't make mistakes that indicate his "inexperience," whatever that means, would affect his governing. Biden won't likely either.

I wasn't talking about time served. I was talking about experience with important national issues. It looks, at least from interviews like this one, that Ms. Palin won't come across as having thought much at all about many important national issues, and that her shortcomings will affect McCain's campaign. She could prove me wrong, and be great, or the lift she provides to McCain with social conservatives could outweigh these potential shortcomings. As I said, it will be interesting to watch.

I think the experience thing is kind of silly. I'd rather have somebody smart, thoughtful, and with sound judgment than somebody who's not but has been a governor or senator for a long time. Obama seems to have these leadership qualities. Edwards appears not to, now. Bush Jr. had a fair degree of executive experience, but he's been a horrid president. McCain used to seem like a wise, thoughtful man of sound judgement. This decision, makes it look like he isn't anymore, or, if he is, then he's placed winning above leaving behind a functioning American government if he dies.


Ben said:

" Really, this election is not about those two topics. It is about rebuilding the American Dream and restoring America's world wide reputation. "

I never said it was about abortion and gay marriage, but those are important issues to a lot of people, but the election will turn on neither.

Ribar, I've already heard that argument and have opined that it will ultimately cut against Obama the more it is brought up.

Dobson, so you are saying that because Obama had a tough primary campaign, he is qualified to be president?

Then you write "I'd rather have somebody smart, thoughtful, and with sound judgment than somebody who's not but has been a governor or senator for a long time. Obama seems to have these leadership qualities." It seems to me that Palin does to. But of course my OPINION is wrong, while your opinion is fact, right?

Then you write "McCain used to seem like a wise, thoughtful man of sound judgement. This decision, makes it look like he isn't anymore, or, if he is, then he's placed winning above leaving behind a functioning American government if he dies." I could respond by saying that the Democratic party put winning above a functioning party too by nominating Obama. Your premise is that Palin's lack of experience shows bad judgment by McCain. So lack of experience is bad judgment. Obama lacks experience, so where does that leave you?

Please, please, please keep talking about experience and judgment. Palin has more experience than Obama even if not by much, and her judgment has yet to be called into question in any serious manner. So let's talk about how your ticket has the inexperienced guy at the top while ours has the experienced guy on the top. Let's talk about Obama's judgment.

You are playing right into McCain's hands. McCain has outfoxed you, the liberal media, and the rest of the left wing, and that shows pretty good judgment to me.


"McCain has outfoxed you, the liberal media, and the rest of the left wing, and that shows pretty good judgment to me."

You mean with his pick who didn't understand the job of Vice President before being selected, who believes that creationism should be taught in class rooms, who believes that global warming is not man-made, whose experience has not allowed her to focus on Iraq, and who is under investigation for mis-using her office.


I'm also looking for verification of this statement "McCain picks Palin for veep, just as I had predicted for months."

Roy Williams

I think she's HOT!

Ged Maheux

Sam, if you happen to think that Palin's experience is greater than that of Obama, you are sadly, sadly mistaken. She was the mayor of a town of a little over 8,000 people running a government of about 100 employees. The town where I grew up, Laconia NH had DOUBLE the number of people and twice the government she had while she was mayor.

Oh, but she was governor of Alaska! yeah, for 18 months she was the governor of one of the least populous states in the union. Do you honestly think that if she had set out at the beginning of the campaign season to run for President by herself she would have even made it more than a month before dropping out? No way, no how.

And yet you would have us believe that this woman has what it takes to take over the country if McCain should become incapacitated tomorrow. Where do you get your balls, really? I want to know. The crowd in Denver assembled to hear Obama’s speech was 1/7 the size of Alaska's population. Don't talk to me about her being "ready". McCain's pick was motivated by pure and simple desperation. A pale ploy to pander to women voters and it's going to be the worst mistake of his campaign. I harbor no ill-will at Palin, but McCain insults me and all American's with this choice. America first? Horse-pucky!

Ged Maheux

Some choice quotes from heartland newspapers on Palin's "readiness":

Denver Post:
"Yes, John McCain, who argues with a straight face that Barack Obama's 12 years in the Illinois legislature and U.S. Senate aren't enough to qualify him to run for president, has picked a running mate who just two years ago was serving as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, population 5,470."

Detroit News:
"Palin, 44, with less than two years as governor and no foreign policy experience, can't be sold as ready to step into the presidency if called upon. Arizona Sen. McCain, if he wins, will be 72 when he takes office, and the question of succession is likely to be a concern for voters."

Kansas City Star:
"Palin, with no national political experience and only a couple years in the Alaska governor's office, is a very tough sell for the Republicans on that score. The Republican presidential candidate has emphasized the importance of military and national security issues, and taken shots at Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama the Democratic presidential nominee for having only four years of experience in the U.S. Senate. Yet McCain now suggests that someone halfway through her first term as governor is "exactly who this country needs" only one step away from the presidency."

She may have also mismanaged the finances of Wasilla while mayor. Politico reports: "Palin, who portrays herself as a fiscal conservative, racked up nearly $20 million in long-term debt as mayor of the tiny town of Wasilla — that amounts to $3,000 per resident. She argues that the debt was needed to fund improvements."

Keep it coming Sam. I can't WAIT to see how this pick turns out for McCain.


I love it, Ged. Keep going.

Palin is already outpolling Biden.

John Burns

Like I said, the weaker the position, the more furiously he debates.


No John, I just have to respond to all of the arrows from the usual crowd.

Barack Obama is an impressive figure. I've always liked Obama. But his experience is a very junior Senator with about 150 actual days in the U.S. Senate and some time as a back bencher in the Illinois legislature. His experience is minimal, but he does have a lot of experience delivering great speeches with few details.

Palin has held some elective office for twelve years, including 20 months as the chief executive of a state, she has led and one some battles.

Are either great figures with impeccable resumes? No. But at the very least they are equals.

So please keep this discussion going along with all of the smears from the wacky Left. Obama said the other night that this election was about judgment, not experience. But you don't want to go along. You want to make it about experience only as it applies to Palin and judgment only as it applies to Obama. He has no real track record there either. So do you follow your leader and focus on judgment and not experience, or do you try to have it both ways?

I'll have the experience debate if you want it and the judgment debate if you want it, or both. But remember that the match up is Obama and McCain and all the attacks on Palin will come right back to Obama's experience and judgment.

Beautifully played by the McCain campaign. You guys are so predictable.


ed cone interviews Senator Mccain and ask "How do you respond to critics who say your running mate lacks the experience to take over as president"?

Senator Mccain answers ed cone with this,"Are you talking to me or Senator Biden"

Ed Cone

I'm also looking for verification of this statement "McCain picks Palin for veep, just as I had predicted for months."

Dude, you read this blog all the time. Are you telling me you don't remember the many long threads devoted to the GOP veepstakes, and my steadfast insistence that it would be Palin?

At least spend a little time with the Google before tilting at this windmill.

Unless you mean the part about "McCain picks Palin" - that's been in all the papers.


Sam, as sensitive as you are to the hypocrisy of others, I'm surprised that you're happy with McCain's VP pick. That's one of the main issues I see - if experience is as important as his campaign has been insisting it is, it's rather hypocritical for him to pick Palin as his VP. McCain was for experience before he was against it.

Yes, I know you think that her being "number 2" makes a difference, but with his age, she's actually very close to number one. I looked at some life expectancy tables earlier today, and though I haven't had time to figure out the math for sure, I'm estimating that there's about a 5-10 percent chance that Palin has to step in as President sometime in the first 3 years of their term. So if you vote for McCain, there's around a 5-10 percent chance you're actually voting Palin in as President.


Ed, "dude"? I thought you were pretty good at prose, but "dude"?

I did Google your site and found no previous mentions of Palin. Correct me if I'm wrong with a link.

David Boyd

Foiled again, Sam. Stop making it so easy.


"I think she's HOT!"

An informal gab session with six women last night informs me that that will work against her with women voters. I stood by my belief that at this time, appearances and gender won't matter--that issues, character, judgment and policies will decide, but I was derided for not recognizing that women who may have been advantaged because of beauty are despised by other women.


Monomaniacs also have trouble finding time to care for special needs children.

Ed Cone

Sam, try the search box in the right-hand column of the blog, it sometimes picks up references better than Google.


Palin refers to her husband as "First Dude"

Dave Dobson

I can't find any reference to Palin or even much discussion of Republican vice president choices prior to this post.

Ed Cone

Hmm. That is odd. Technology can be so quirky.

If Google and the blog-search don't yield anything, then I guess you'll have to comb the archives.

Shouldn't be that big a job, the intense interest in the subject only started after McCain clinched the nomination.


Bushbush had no passport until 2007. This makes her more qualified than Bush the Dimmer in 2000. She has visited another country, Kuwait. I understand that she can find Earth on a globe. This is important for a trophy VP.



"I do not argue that abortion doesn't mean ending something that is alive."

So, an unborn child is defined as "something that is alive"? What is that something? Maybe, a human life? Maybe? What else would it be?



"So if you vote for McCain, there's around a 5-10 percent chance you're actually voting Palin in as President."

Yeah, and if you vote for the equally inexperienced Obama, there's around a 100% chance you are actually voting Obama in as President (if elected). Big difference between 100% and 5-10%. If Obama is elected, you have a certainty that the president will not have much experience. He is supposed to be ready on Day One.

I'm actually shocked to read all of the misogynistic comments on this blog. I thought that liberals supported women's rights as equals. A shocking display.

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