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Aug 01, 2008


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Wait, let me get this straight- your contention is that a lot of North Carolinians blame Dole for gas prices and illegal immigration?

Ed Cone

Nope, my contention (and the central point of the ad) is that a lot of North Carolinians feel that Dole has not been a very effective Senator for North Carolina. I hear it a lot, from Republicans as well as Democrats. A lot of folks (including me) expected her to be a star in the Senate, and she simply has not been one.


Dole's husband was a senator from Kansas for umpteen years. Presumably, Lizzie spent several campaigns tagging along with hubby telling Kansans what an honor it was to be one of them. (I mean, she'd hardly run around telling Kansans about the wonders of Salisbury, assuming she'd been there in recent memory.)

The Hagan campaign out to do some research in the TV archives out in Kansas.

David Hoggard

Was that a photo of The Watergate in that parting shot?


The Dole's have lived at the Watergate for years when in DC. The problem with this survey is that before the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, Dole was ranked in the top 25 by the same group. This is less about Dole than about which party has control of Congress. The criteria is also screwy. In any case, the ad talks about Dole being ineffective regarding gas prices and illegal immigration. My guess is that complaint could be leveled at every member of Congress and that NC voters will side with Dole's views on those issues over Hagan's.

So if "ineffective Liddy" beats Hagan, what does that tell us about Hagan and how NC residents really feel about Dole?


Not bad, not great. I think they fumbled the end especially. "Not as effective as you might think." I guess if you want to try to change some minds, you have to find a way to tell people that what they think is wrong, but can't it be done without condescension?

And like all ads this political season that focus on the opponent, this one doesn't resonate with me. I'm sure some research has identified a soft spot on Dole's underbelly where this kind of ad might chip away at some of her softer support, but Hagan's not going to win without demonstrating why she would be better.


Dole sent me a letter wanting to give Teri Shaivo a fair trial after God had already killed her. Who can argue with that?

Ed Cone

Roch, I agree that Hagan needs to define herself as a positive alternative.

My guess is that the DSCC will run ads like this one that remind North Carolinians why they aren't so thrilled with Dole, and that Hagan's campaign will run ads touting Hagan's virtues.


I dunno, Beez, maybe Obama can bring Shaivo back from the dead in the process of remaking the world.


spag...the Knubian Knight did not send me the letter..Dole did..and both sat by as my savings and investments attached to the dollar were debased at a 40-75% rate. Having the brown ring of either candidate on my nose will not benefit me, my children and yet to be born but already taxed grandchildren.

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