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Jul 09, 2008


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"We all know Dole has not been much of a presence in North Carolina"

And "we" are...???

I suppose if that was true, then you were definitely not a fan of John Edwards, right?

That's different....


if you didn't want to click on the county coordinators here they are from Guilford County

Guilford: Mr. Kumar Lakhavani
Guilford: Mrs. Dena Barnes
Guilford: Rep. John Blust
Guilford: Rep. Laura Wiley

Dave Dobson

Um, at least John Edwards actually lives in the state. Liddy Dole listed her mom's house as her residence, "bought" the house as a residence while her mom still lived there, first voted in North Carolina in 2001, and voted in North Carolina for the third time in her life when she voted for herself for Senate in 2002. Bob Dole is a Kansas resident. Your false equivalencies are still false.

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