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Jul 04, 2008


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Nice. I missed that one in '03. Thanks for the reprint.

John D. Young

Another fine point in your Independence Day article -- "Liberal and conservative are characterizations that serve the powerful. I feel reduced by them, not defined."

We certainly have plenty of 20th and 21st Century examples to show how the Left is every bit as delusional and violent as the Right. Yet we still appear to remain very self-righteous and supportive of our political delusions.

Paul Elledge


Then you realize, don't you, that you've got to stay out of my wallet as well, right?

Billy The Blogging Poet

You shine in this piece. Great writing.

Too bad it will be lost to the likes of Paul Elledge who seems to think the definition of liberty means getting to keep every filthy penny he ever earns.

Paul Elledge


What is the definition of liberty, then?


Who would be the best steward of the dirty filthy pennies I earned? The institution that has already devoured the seed corn of its constituents? An institution which has already taxed the earnings of my unborn grandchildren? Thats like giving a drunk adolescent the keys to a car. "The sheep are happier of themselves, than under the care of wolves"~Thomas Jefferson


Once there was a group of marauding rogues with no interest in honest work. When ever they felt like it they would ride into town, steal groceries, clothing, fill their pockets with loot and ride out. They would live off the plunder until it was gone then ride back into town and replunder. This went on until they realized that their exploits resembled work. One said, "This is getting difficult. They're starting to shoot back and some of us have serious injuries." Then one had an idea.."Let's just strut into town and stay put! Throw up some buildings for a hangout-call it Town Hall. We'll clean up, shave, have some suits made, look all bona fide and get our own names on our own ballots. Then..we'll levy something..and we'll call it a TAX. We'll tell the townspeoplen- and call them TAXpayers- that as long as they pay on time, fill out the right forms correctly, just like we tell them-they will go unpunished. We'll start the levy low and raise it slowly so they wont think it's worth a fight. We'll use the levy to provide a few services- like schools and courts- at 2-3 times what they could it procure for themselves-so they will think they are getting something for the money. They will love it. We will call ourselves 'public servants' and the lumpenprols will think we're doing it for them. Like a frog in a pot, they will not realize they are being boiled alive until they see their own skin floating beside them. In a few years we'll be taxing half of their earnings and they will be filling out forms only we understand!"

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