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Jul 29, 2008


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Tony Wilkins

How honorable of Senator Dole to be the first, and how kind you are to bring it to our attention.
One slight fact left out in the link provided about the other $11,000:
N&R: "Gidley said the other $11,000 was from her first Senate campaign and "doesn't exist anymore.""
Probably just an embarrassing oversight in research from the Hagan group, which seems to be unusually quiet at this time in the campaign.


I have never understood this act of moral grandstanding. "I took the money, then I gave it back."
In this case, it's going to a charity. If the money is that dirty, why would a self-respecting charity take it? Keep the money or give it back to Stevens.

Tony Wilkins

You can't be serious.
You would prefer the money be sent back to Stevens instead of to a charitable organization?
And you question the integrity of The Society of St. Andrew who is "A Christian ministry dedicated to gleaning America’s fields and feeding America’s hungry, we provide healthy, nutritious produce to society’s most vulnerable through innovative, cost effective programs."
I have to assume you are joking in your post. Sorry I didn't get it.


I didn't question the integrity of your charity or any other specifically.
My point is that if it is wrong to keep the money, why is it right to pass it along as a donation to someone else.

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