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Jun 06, 2008


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Years of accumulated frustration....who wouldn't go nuts in such an environment. Cubicles are death. At least the guy had the guts to stage a protest instead of going quietly into the night like most of his coworkers will one day, empty shells of formerly-human beings. At this age, a corporation should not even have an office, unless it is a factory or something that requires people to work on a particular geographic spot. People should be able to work for a corporation and still live wherever they want, telecommute, meet local coworkers at a bar...

David Hoggard

Even with that in mind, Bora.

Where were the men in this situation? Except, that is, for the one or two manning their cell phones' MPEG feature to document their cowardice.

Perhaps being relegated to cubicles is a form of castration. I wouldn't know, thank God.

Pitiful that anyone with a set would have let that go on as long as it did.


Yes, the cowardly behavior was obvious and appalling. I think cubicles castrate.


If the fellow had been brought down earlier, how many people would be complaining about civilians using force to stop a case of property damage?

Joel Gillespie

But half of those acts of property damage could have inflicted real harm. Nobody did anything. Wuses. Maybe the culture that creates that sort of frustration does castrate. I'm just sitting here thinking, "what doesn't anybody stop this guy"?


Oh I see my future if I don't escape my cubicle hell. I swear that hand geometry reader on the wall has been giving me dirty looks for a week now. It's so going down one of these days.....


It would have been incredibly stupid, but I would have jumped him and gotten my ass kicked. That's because I'm still a redneck at heart.

Billy The Blogging Poet

That's what would happen to me had I have ever allowed anyone to put me in a cubicle.

And the cowards in the video are the reason for my disdain for that environment. They place themselves in golden handcuffs, complain but do nothing.

And people wonder why people go postal.

Dave Dobson

I can understand why they didn't go at him when he was brandishing the axe...


And that my friends, is the proper use of a stun gun.

Two shocks, while the guy is attacking. Put him down and subdue him.

Note the guard did not pin him down and administer multiple shocks just to watch him flop around or to punish him for noncompliance.

And that wasn't an axe, was i? That looked like a particularly useful, weapon-shaped piece of furniture. The security guard did a pretty good job with that one. Then the guy got the high ground.

Watch at the beginning, right after he first freaks out, there's a manager or someone behind him, trying to talk to him, the guy turns and throws paper at him and the manager runs away.


Just seeing his PC monitor hit that young woman would've set me off immediately. "Stage a protest" my ass! He's a friggin coward with a temper tantrum, who doesn't give a shit who he hurts. I wouldn't care less about property damage, but no grown man should be allowed to hurt anyone because he's too immature to control his feelings. Someone should've clocked him at the start. Bunch of cowards.


Don't think that was an axe! Looked like a t-square or some kind of large ruler.


We just got moved out of our building of private offices into cubicles while the building is being renovated. I keep telling everyone, "It's only temporary. It's just for a little while. We can do this." It's tough. I can't imagine doing it for longer than just a few months.

But at least they have jobs, right?


I think it was a sign with a heavy metal bottom. Because when he hit the copier with it, it sounded solid. I wouldn't have tackled him when he was wielding that thing, either. But you're right, when he threw the monitor at that woman, someone should have tackled him -- yet another reason why soccer is bad for youth. They don't learn how to tackle.

Jim Rosenberg

I would have circulated a strongly worded memo, I don't mind telling you.

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