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Jun 06, 2008


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This is not a cult of personality. We are smarter than that. It is a committed grassroots effort toward affecting change. All politics are local and the organization functions in Obama's absence. It is the politics of hope and possibility. The army his org has built has laid waste the old DNC apparatus. The juggernaut will vanquish the GOP in due course. No matter what we get, it will be a vast improvement upon the status quo.

Alan Cone Bulluck

Once you explain what "change" entails, I'll listen to you. Until then, I'll still think you're a Kool-Ade drinking psycho. Hitler wanted "change", too. Is that what your buddy wants, too?

Alan Cone Bulluck

"The politics of hope and responsibility."

Chief, I'm a student of politics, and I've only heard that song and dance in a number of readings (Mostly fascist and Marxist). You have to explain stuff for reasonable people to "get" it. Only reactionary nutjobs fully "comprehend" what you're saying, and that says ziltch. "Change" could mean anything. I just pooped my pants. Should I change them? Would that be good or bad? What if hope lay within? Would it vanquish the opposition if I did? What if I didn't? Would I recruit a bunch of your likeminded crazies to join the forces of stench? You freaks are about to change the meaning of an already cheap and meaningless word.

Jim Rosenberg

What a Drama King. Talk about false choices. Geez.


"No matter what we get, it will be a vast improvement upon the status quo." -fec-
Is living under a fascist government better? I think not; but soon, we will find out.
Our doctors will be told what they can specialize in and the big corporations will be controled by the government, but as everyone knows............this is caused by change.

Ed Cone

Carter Wrenn makes it clear what kind of change he's discussing, rendering the comment from our self-proclaimed "student of politics" somewhat off-topic.

John, I sure hope we aren't headed for a fascist government. That would be bad! However, I see no indication that such would be the outcome of an Obama victory. Whew!

Ged Maheux

Its funny cause I thought we were kinda living under a fascist government under Bush. Government pressure and strong arming of the press to report only positive stories of the administration, spreading lies about people who don't wear flag lapel pins, pulling doughnut ads that feature black and white scarfs, that sort of thing.


I have been guilty of drinking Koolaid. I voted twice for Bush. My next vote will be like my last two: against rather than for a candidate. I put McCain in the same group of undesirables as Al Gore and John Kerry.


Ed: I; like fec; voted for the lesser of two evils. Again this time I will also. People like Maxine Waters (democrat - California) who has called for the nationalization of oil companies, scare the shit out of me, and unfortunately there are far too many of them in our government.
GED: Kinda like is alot less like than what will happen in the event of a democrat president, a democrat controlled senate and a democrat controlled house.

Ed Cone

John, I just don't see the United States government taking over corporate America anytime soon.

In fact, it seems to me that things have been headed in the opposite direction.

You are frightened by phantoms even as real dangers manifest themselves around you.


Alan Cone Bulluck wrote: "I'm a student of politics, and I've only heard that song and dance in a number of readings (Mostly fascist and Marxist)."

And Reagan. Don't forget Ronald Reagan.

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