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May 16, 2008


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Don Moore

Pappas's WCWG's General Manager (Rosalie Drake) was a Sales Person prior to her job in Greensboro.

The bankruptcy of Pappas Telecasting has its roots in the appointment of a former sales person as COO a few years ago.


I couldn't help but notice that much of MSNBC's "breaking news" on Tuesday night was that they were waiting for Hillary's speech.

Shouldn't that be - live shots complement ... ?

Ed Cone

Rosalie Drake, General Manager of WCWG TV, came here after 6 years as General Sales Manager at the Fox affiliate in Albuquerque. Prior to that, she was the General Sales Manager of KPXG in Portland, Oregon. She has also worked as Traffic Manager in a large market, and owned an ad agency.

In any case, the post was about the impact of sales managers on news, and I don't think WCWG has a news operation; certainly the CW has problems that go beyond anything that's happening in this market.

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