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May 27, 2008


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Tony Wilkins

Some might see it as just plain silly to judge which candidate is running harder by a website.
And how does "Hagan Central" feel about the senator co-sponsoring a bill to give $3M of taxpayers money to the ICRM after voters locally have rejected that notion twice?

Ed Cone

The websites are limited views into the campaigns, to be sure, but they are windows nonetheless.

Dole's doesn't post a schedule of events and appearances; Hagan's does, and it's an active slate.

Dole's site is not especially up to date; Hagan's operates in something close to real time.

Maybe Dole is campaigning across the state. If so, she's missing a good chance to let people know about it.

Tony Wilkins

Your opinion on the $3M question?

Ed Cone

As I wrote in the newspaper earlier this year: I've long been a believer in the idea behind the ambitious project, but I've had issues with its management and my attention has wandered during its endless gestation.

In a darkened ballroom at the Koury Center, though, almost 48 years to the day after four college students from A&T dared to sit at a Woolworth's lunch counter on South Elm Street and ask to be treated like human beings, I had an epiphany: We need to get this job done, and we need to do it with really broad support from the community.

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