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May 12, 2008


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Ged Maheux

I wouldn't get your hopes up Ed, after all Hagan defeating Dole in the fall and Democrats beating Republicans in North Carolina in general is just "wishful thinking", or so I'm told. Doesn't matter that the Dems have registered twice as many new voters as the GOP. Doesn't matter that people are sick to death of Bush and Bush backers. It's all just a pipe dream because evidently Dole has lots of money now, and Hagan can't *possibly* raise enough to counter her.

Ed Cone

It's all wishful thinking at this point.

Dole has some real advantages (incumbency, name recognition, GOP wins NC in presidential years), and some real disadvantages (tepid record, Bush legacy, Dem momentum). Hagan has strengths and weaknesses,too.

Interesting to see how the national party rallies to Dole after her poor showing as campaign chair in '06. Interesting to see if Hagan can make it a national race in terms of $$$.

The story in May is that there looks to be an actual contest in November. The odds still favor Dole, but things are considerably brighter for the Dems than they were last October.


Been a democrat for 35+ years. Obama sings about a change. Well folks, we got that change 2 years ago when we elected a democratic congress and house. Change: Gas at an all time high soon to reach 4 dollars a gallon, unemployement sky rockets, going into a recession,(for some a depression), people let me tell you, we have to change. And we need to start with goverment. While the working class is busy trying to keep our heads above water, congress votes itslf not only a raise, but a retirement package that in one month is more than the average senior collects on social security in one year.
People we need to wake up and clean house,(no pun intended) & congress! If the president can serve only 2 terms, so should all elected persons in congress and senate. They get to comfortable in these positions. Become corrupt! We the people need to stop this from happening, keep in mind the goverment is for the paople. We are the ones who elect them to represent us, they work for us & We can send them home! Keep this in mind on election day. What has your goverment done for you? Ronald Reagan was right,we need less big goverment. But we also need less state goverment. Here in NC we spend tax money on a teacup museum, yet we have people losing homes, starving, doing without,and now we have a "Teacup museum?" Who voted for this? And we let them by with it?
Makes me sick!


Heard Kay's comment on winning in November. The sad news for you my dear Kay, she will be clicking her heels all the way back home to Washington, not Kansas, And keep in mind, the last girl from Kansas that clicked her heels together and wished to go home had just done in a wicked witch!

Dave Dobson

Mr. Frick doesn't _sound_ much like a 35-year Democrat...

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