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May 07, 2008


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This is Hagan territory, so I expect to get smacked down, but she doesn't have the political skills for a race at this level. Dole is a shadow of her former self, but I predict she'll win with about 55% unless this is a huge Democratic year nationally.

Ed Cone

I don't think you deserve a smack-down, Patrick -- Kay's skills have not been tested at this level, and we'll see what we see. Her primary strategy seems to have been sound, and she's certainly tough and smart.


I think she has a real shot at this. Many fence sitters have voted for Dole in the past. Im one. Never been happy with her residency. Not real happy with her at all to be honest. I am with Doug Clark though. If I were KHs handlers I'd drop the Dorothy routine or we are soon to see Kay in "green face".

On a side issue, I am extremely burned that our two R Senators were unable to stave off the closings of many OBX beaches. These things add up and may equal non-vote come November.


My Durham-based Kid#2 voted for Kay Hagan because "she knew her name" from Greensboro and mentioned that I had spoken highly of her. Kay is thrust into a higher-level playing field and will hopefully rise to it. Resa Bratton will do the same thing.

Being untested is not the same as being unqualified. I prefer to look at it as yet-unrealized potential.

Good luck and good wishes to both of them in realizing their potential(s). You couldn't ask for stronger women who possess intelligence, good sense and a desire to get things done.

Percy Walker

I met Kay Hagan's dad yesterday. He walked over to me as I was walking from my car to my polling place, extended his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Kay Hagan's dad." I shook his hand and said, "Nice to met you, Mr. Hagan!" He smiled, handed me a "Kay Hagan for Senate" flier and said, "Thanks!"

Nice touch, I thought, Kay having her father there. Also nice was Mr. Ruthven not correcting me when I called him "Mr. Hagan."


We like Kay, but see this race as very much like the Sue Myrick - Lauch Faircloth Senate primary. The Faircloth strategy was to let her have Charlotte, knowing that she would win there anyway, and save their resources for other areas of the state.

Dole can give Hagan Guilford County and still win with little trouble due to her name recognition and resources. It takes more than one metro area to win statewide.

Hagan would do better in a US House race which are more local. This was too big a step for her at this time, and losing her in Raleigh will hurt Greensboro.

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