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May 19, 2008


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Ged Maheux

It should come as no surprise, but there will be *very few* places where the GOP won't have a tough time holding their contested seats this campaign season.

Ed Cone

I guess you'd have to define "very few" for me.

When the DCCC guy said after Mississippi that "There is no district that is safe for Republican candidates," I wanted to send him a picture of NC6. Teresa Bratton is a credible candidate, and she seems ready to make more of a run at Coble than anyone has in a decade...but if she gets 45% of the vote it will be a landmark.

Ged Maheux

Fair enough, fair enough.

Tony Wilkins

I wonder how one deduces Bratton "is a credible candidate" when she has no political experience to deduce that from?

Ed Cone

Bratton is smart, thoughtful, accomplished, and seemingly serious about running an actual campaign. That makes her a credible candidate -- although not, as I said, a likely threat to unseat Howard.

You have to remember who she follows as the Dem nominee -- a guy who didn't live in the district, and a very liberal lawyer who got in just so there would be a name on the ballot, etc. I'd say Bratton's resume, demeanor, and performance to date earn her some measure of credibility.

Tony Wilkins

I believe your compliments of Dr. Bratton are accurate. I've served on two committees with her since the late 80's and I'm very fond of her.
But beginning your political career in a quest for Congress would be difficult in any district, much less one that leans so strongly Republican.

Dave Ribar

Tony Wilkins

Ribar, I hope you meant to say "weak political backgrounds" and did not just insult the good doctor.
Probably a much nicer word would have been "inexperienced political backgrounds".
But by all means do not let me put words in your mouth as many times your sarcasm is much higher than my intelligence level can comprehend.

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