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Apr 23, 2008


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I can't take anything Linda Daves says seriously. I had to watch several times to hear what she actually said because I was laughing so hard.

Obama has managed to distance himself from Rev. Wright, but McCain may not be able to distance himself successfully from Linda Daves.

Tony Wilkins

(standing ovation) Isn't it great to see the NCGOP bringing the truth to light? I wonder if any Jim Black or Thomas Wright ads are being scheduled. (standing ovation)

Tony Wilkins

I have sat down now and watched the Andy Griffith endorsement of Beverly Perdue. I love Andy Griffith and this hurts me to my bones.
I need some alone time.
I'm left to wonder if Barney and Aunt Bea were still with us who would they have chosen.

Ed Cone

Hey Tony, as "media chairman" for the Guilford County GOP, can you fix the website headline that says "GOP Gubernatorial Candidates for Governor"?

I think it's supposed to read "GOP Gubernatorial Candidates for Governor in Governor's Race for Governor."

I had breakfast this morning with a conservative Republican who just shook his head when the subject of the county and state parties came up. Not the first time I've had that conversation.

Dave Ribar


Cut poor Tony some slack. He's been very busy with some stupid elephant tricks of his own: photographing Rick Wallace campaign signs along the road, tattling to the authorities, and then huffing and puffing about how much this is adding to his tax bill.

Ed Cone

I'm just funnin' with him about the repetitive redundancy. In my line of work, grammatical mistakes and the like are inevitable, and someone will always come along to point them out.

I do think identifying oneself as a party official in this kind of thread is probably good form.


you should go to erik huey web site. Roch and I had some funny things with a anonymous person on the Michael Mckinney school board blog. Check it out very funny.


I am amused about all of these observations because I am certain many of them will come back to haunt the observer. Any Democrat who tries to link a Republican to Jack Abramhoff or any other controversial third party will be worthy of the same disdain. But they won't get it around here.

I also don't believe it is foul to argue that anyone who endorses a candidate with extreme beliefs must be somewhat extreme themselves. That is the point of the ad. Whether it is true or not is another subject, but the theory is fair game.

If I support David Duke and you support me knowing that I support David Duke, it is fair to call you on it. We all know that is exactly what would happen if the tables were turned. Look at what happened to Trent Lott for even joking that Strom Thurmond should have been president.

The Left made this PC bed of guilt by association, now they are having a tough time sleeping in it and I for one find it quite entertaining. Hillary vs. Obama has opened up all the hypocrisy and flaws in the makeup of the modern Democratic party and liberal movement. The old boss is the same as the new boss.


Ed- for fun vis-a-vis governor/gubernatorial:

"But in this ever changing world in which we live in...."

Where do we live?

Not McCartney's most brilliant lyrical moment.

Tony Wilkins

Ed, thanks for that information. It was probably one of those 3 AM updates after working all day and night. It's been corrected.
Hey my friend Dave! Seems like you're more concerned about me photographing an illegal act than you are the act itself. Tell me that's not right out of the liberal playbook.
Dave, would you favor a constitutional amendment (ok, maybe not that extreme) that would require all Americans to sign a document on their 18th birthday that stated, "I will be responsible for my own actions for the rest of my life"? Just wondering.

Tony Wilkins

Another side note to Dave.
Dave, if you will notice the post above Ed pointed out a mistake that I had made. I was the dunkoff that made the mistake. I corrected the mistake and did not blame Ed for my mistake.
I took responsibility for my own actions.
It didn't hurt. I'm still able to drive a car and feed myself. I'm assuming the sun will rise on Thursday.
It's not a bad process. Try it.

Dave Ribar


No worries about the photography, so long as you took responsibility not to park illegally for any of those snaps. Hey, everyone needs a hobby. If taking pictures of campaign signs is your thing, go for it.

I am concerned though about you using up government resources as part of some political pissing match with Rick Wallace, especially when a phone call or e-mail message to his campaign could have cleared things up.

As you said, Ed pointed out a mistake, and you corrected it. Why wouldn't that approach have worked with your fellow Republican, Rick Wallace?

Tony Wilkins

Dave, Ed pointed out a grammatical mistake which could happen often behind me I'm sure.
As I stated before it's not my place to inform Billy Yow's opponent of the law. All of the other candidates evidently complied. More posts coming on this race that will make you forget about the signs.
I like to be open minded so I am going to attempt to place blame elsewhere for my own actions in a post soon. I'll let you know how it affects my conscience.
Hey, you didn't answer my "responsible" question above.

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