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Apr 15, 2008


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That looks very interesting. I think I'll go. Thanks, Ed, for bringing it to our attention. Also interesting is that they are having three workshops, in LA, Chicago and Greensboro. I wonder how that happened.

John Robinson

The past prez of SPJ used to work at the N&R. She knows about this digital community and she and I talked last fall about doing it here.

Ed Cone

More from an SPJ staffer: "For the last year, SPJ has been working to establish a local chapter, as well as a presence in North Carolina. Last summer at UNC, we hosted a 'journalism jam session' that was overwhelmingly popular. That got the ball rolling and a small group of members from North Carolina have taken an interest in starting a statewide chapter. That said, our Executive Committee voted to host an event in Greensboro to continue the effort of establishing a presence in the state."

But Roch, really -- what about the list "LA, Chicago, Greensboro" makes you ask?


ed , can anyone be a part of this or just journalist?


I was wondering, Ed, if the wealth of bloggers in Greensboro alone put us on their radar or if it was some other factor, such as the personal connection JR describes or the org's interest in increasing their exposure in the state that you cite. No hidden suspicion in the original wondering, just the natural curiosity that would be aroused by Greensboro being included with Chicago and LA as a good place for this kind of thing.

Ed Cone

Keith, I think it's open to all -- that's the point of it.

Roch, I was trying to make a funny.


"But Roch, really -- what about the list "LA, Chicago, Greensboro" makes you ask?"

I ask too, when I see "Paris, Milan, Reidsville," or "San Francisco, London, Whitsett," or "Rome, Sidney, McLeansville." I'll stop now.

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