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Apr 24, 2008


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Dave Dobson

That is a pretty good ad, although the virtual Ron Paul (Ronowulf?) is a little weird. There's actually a good bit I agree with him about on the war and with some of his libertarian stands. It's the national sales tax, crazy alternate currency stuff, and anti-immigrant parts I don't like, among others.

I assume the flood receding from our cities was immigrants, and not Ron killing global warming? Or is Ron Moses? My visual metaphor detection isn't sharp enough.


I'd like to see the candidates, any of them, touch on the topic of Alzheimer's Disease in the United States.

One in 6 women and one in 10 men who reach age 55 can expect to develop Alzheimer’s.

Annually, $148 billion goes towards the direct and indirect costs of Alzheimer’s Care to the government and businesses in the United States.

Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama must address this medical and fiscal epidemic. It’s up to us to ask them how, and ask them now.

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