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Apr 07, 2008


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ed, it might be a good time to help out Bill Sherrill from Red Oak and his fight to get brewers like him able to make more barrels. THere is some law that won't let him make over so much barrels. Once I get done with my main issue, I might just help him try to change that law too.

Fred Gregory

Hops crisis brews trouble for craft-beer makers

H/T: Lex Alexander


Quick, what was the first beer sold after prohibition? Utica Club! http://www.saranac.com/familybrands/ It was made by the West End brewery. I grew up only a few miles from the brewery, which is still alive and well. They made the Saranac line, which I've found here at Harris Teeter. If you haven't tried it, go get some...it's good beer! I like Utica Club, too, but I haven't seen that much outside of the Utica, NY area. Utica Club was the beer everyone drank in high school because it was $1.99 a 6 pack. ;-)

There is a race, The Boilermaker...http://boilermaker.com/, that I've run 8 times. It's a 15K, has more than 10,000 runners, and it's a great race. It ends at that brewery and they give free beer to all the of age runners who want it. 9am on the second Sunday of July head to Utica, NY and see a bunch of hot, sweaty people drinking beer! It's funny. :-) And yes, although it feels funny drinking beer at 9am after running 9.3 miles, I have enjoyed the beer after the race. It's just the thing you do after you run that race! :-)

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