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Apr 24, 2008


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T. Bunch

I heard the backstory on this on NPR yesterday. It seems there's more than enough rice here in the USofA. Our farmers produce twice what we consume. It's the rest of the world that has a problem (at least for now). Apparently these two retailers sell goods at near cost and make their $'s on membership fees. So, they're making this move rather than raising prices, probably hoping the free pub will bring more members.

So, while Fred and Ethel are wheeling their two shopping carts through Sam's and tossing in the 40 roll bundle of extra cushy hockey tickets and five pound tubs of peanut butter, they have to ration themselves to eighty pounds of basmati. Only in America would limiting people to 80 pounds of rice be considered rationing. The parts of the world that are hurting would consider 8 cups a feast for the entire family (cousins included).

This is just the kind of story that makes great scary headlines and most folks will never read beyond "Rationing!".

Preston Earle

How long before we start hearing about the looming toilet paper shortage?


This is an outrageous hypocrisy. While our price subsidies have wiped out the rice farmers in places like Haiti, our high protein diets eschew rice. We pay our rice farmers to remain idle while borrowing more money from China to buy rice to feed the starving. Rather than looking at the facts, we're swooning about rice we don't even want.

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