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Apr 30, 2008


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its great to have Ian Mckellen as really wouldnt be
LOTR without him...he's the best wise old man in fiction to date..check out
this hilarious stand up clip i found about wizards and magicians..gandalf rules!!

Wally Gaczinsky

A straight up fanatic who eats and breathes the shires, I was hoping Sir Richard Chamberlain, arguably the greatest actor in the history of stage AND film, would play the role of Gandalf in the upcoming movie. Because of his absence, I will not see the film.

Ian McDowell

I've been a fan of Sir Ian's since the late 70s, when I was 18 and bought an LP of Tom Stoppard's EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOR: A PLAY FOR ACTORS AND ORCHESTRA at the Drama Bookshop in New York (it's about two men, both named Alexander Ivanov, in a Soviet mental institution: the one played by McKellan was a dissident and the one played by Ian Richardson was a lunatic with an imaginary orchestra, conducted by Andre Previn). And I agree that he's a great Gandalf (much better than the rumored first choice of Sean Connery would have been).

However, I feel a bit sad that Christopher Lee, who really wanted the part but was cast as Saruman instead, was never considered. Lee corresponded with Tolkien for the last decade and a half of his life and has often said it was one of the two roles he always wanted to play (the other being Mr. Dark in his friend Ray Bradbury's SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, who dedicated that book to him, but he didn't get that role in the 1980s film, either),

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