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Apr 19, 2008


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So what are the in/direct connections G'boro has to the military-industrial complex ?

I grew up in the midst of it. SDC was Father's employer till after my high school graduation. Then he got a civil service position in essentially the same job he had as a SDC employee. That was as a systems analyst at SAC.

I've also served one hitch at peacetime on the FPS-85.

Maybe 5 years ago the US had the best standing military money could buy. Now, I suspect, not so much.


Having had a chance to check out the eleven page link, I'd have to say that 'm-i-m complex' fits quite well according to the article.

Welcome to Media in the 21st Century. Edward Bernays, for one, would be proud !


Pat Lang's first hand experience as a consultant:

I asked some awkward questions and was not invited again.

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