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Apr 26, 2008


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ed can you you tube it?


This one could have gone so much worse: another local GOP yokel for instance.

Big L

Could those two be bigger hypocrites. I guarantee you that Krantz will turn around and spout his bullshit about how evil and horrible Fox News is, but will gladly turn around and take their money as soon as they dangle it over his head. Talk about living up to your religion's stereotype.

I suppose it could have been worse: Fox could have chosen that idiot who comes on before Savage.

Britt Whitmire

WOW! Where do I start with the anti-semitism of that post? First of all (and I suppose this is your main point), neither of us were paid a dime for our appearance on FNC on 4/26. Furthermore, FNC has never paid us ANY money for ANY appearances. But, please explain how this makes Brad a greedy Jew. I'm sure we're all anxious to hear that.

Ed, I guess the "little green footballs" crowd has once again found their way to your blog.


Big foul on Big L. Completely unwarranted anti-Semitic attack on Brad. Brad is no fan of FOX News, but that remark is completely non-topical and way out of bounds.

Big L

To the traitor above (not Spag): as much as I hate to lower myself to associating with you, I will admit that the slur against Krantz was out of line, and I will take it back.

That does not excuse the part where I am right; that him and yourself have no problems sitting there and bashing Fox News for however many hours a day, but immeidately turning around and being on their channel. If you have principles (and I severely doubt you do), then you stick to them.

Instead of taking out of both sides of your mouth, just stick to talking out of your ass. Either that or go back to playing country, it'd probably get you more listeners then anything else you have, save Savage.


I don't see the conflict. Brad and Britt are critics of Fox News, have an opportunity to make it better for a few minutes and do it. And?...


I like Brad & Britt, but I do find their criticisms of Fox cliched, particularly when MSNBC is far more unbalanced and blatant about it.

When pressed for specifics about FOX' bias, few details emerge. They were so unfair that this morning they actually had Obama on.

brad krantz

Britt and I never hesitated for one minute when Fox contacted us on Friday. We're not now nor were we ever paid employees of Fox. There were no pre-conditions on what we could or couldn't say on Saturday. Fox called first.. we went on there. It's possible MSNBC or CNN may call this week, too. The idea that we should refuse to appear on Fox because we criticize them at times is ridiculous. We did say on the air many times that we thought it was a mistake that the Democrats refused to debate on Fox these past few months. We'd be hypocrites if we didn't follow our own advice. Barack Obama was very smart to go on Fox News Sunday today with Chris Wallace.

Our station was a Fox Radio affiliate the first 3 years we were on, we had a good relationship with them, and WZTK was offered better FINANCIAL terms by ABC, so we switched late in 2007. Yes, yes, yes... of course IT WAS ABOUT THE MONEY. Guilty as charged!

As the polling showed following Pennsylvania, it's obvious that there are millions of Americans who absolutely, positively will not (and are even willing to admit) they'd never vote for Obama because of his skin color.
As the third comment from the top shows, there are still a number of Americans who abide by religious stereotypes. The NC Republican party believes that there still is a level of bigotry high enough (to appeal to in their famous ad) in this state to swing an election. I hope they're wrong.

Britt Whitmire

Also, L, your main point was about our getting paid and we didn't. So, who exactly is talking out of their ass?

Britt Whitmire

Oh, but I see you are a Savage fan and if you take his bullshit for real then I really can't help you.

Carry on my wayward bigot!


Brad, your comment about the NC Republican party trying to capitalize on bigotry was unfair, especially when the ad in question features a link between a Democrat and bigotry and paints it negatively.


Hey Big L,

You do know your boy Savage is Jewish? His real name is Michael Alan Weiner, straight outa Brooklyn. Does that hurt? Do ya wanna talk 'bout it?


Hey Big L,

You do know your boy Savage is Jewish? His real name is Michael Alan Weiner, straight outa Brooklyn. Does that hurt? Do ya wanna talk 'bout it?

Ian McDowell

In the new YES! Weekly, Brian Clarey points out that "Big L" made his or her first appearance in the blogosphere on April 1st. Further support for the thesis that he or she is a prankster mouthing a parody of "conservative" thought.

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