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Apr 28, 2008


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Britt Whitmire

Easley to endorse HRC tomorrow (Tues. 4/29)



John D. Young

Clinton appears to have picked up speed from her Penn. win. New AP poll shows her with a surprising 9% point lead over McCain.


Alan Cone Bulluck

"Who's Mike Easley?" Close to half of NC's voters.

"Is he a king?" Very close to half of half of NC's voters.

"Does he matter?" Every voter in NC.


Ed, did you see anything in that passage on trade you posted that translates into jobs for North Carolina? I don't think too many people would walk away thinking "well, I still don't have a job, but at least the Chinese worker has some labor protections and they've cracked down on copyright infringement".

She has no credibility on trade, another issue that she has flip flopped on. Of all the candidates, Obama's position on trade is the best.

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