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Apr 08, 2008


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Patrick Eakes

While some of us watched almost $600 evaporate in a couple of minutes.

I tried to convince myself Memphis had enough talent to overcome its general lack of discipline, inability to hit free throws, and complete lack of bench coaching.

Lesson learned.

Ed Cone

Lack of discipline? D-R shouldn't have gone for the late layup, but I thought they played their own, wide-open game well. You know, the game that got them more wins than anyone in history and took them to the brink of a championship?

No coaching? The decision to put the ball in Rose's hands down the stretch worked pretty well. He had a great run in the second half, but seemed tired at the end.

The free throw thing did bite them -- although D-R, the prime misser, wasn't one of the folks dragging down the team average during the season, as he shot over 70%.

I liked the Memphis team I saw last night. Then again, I was out of the money in my pools long, long ago...

Patrick Eakes

Yes, I am referring to their wide-open game. It produces a lot of bad shots and the odd bone-headed fifth foul. And yes, their talent was enough to overcome that style almost all year long. That's why I picked them. It simply wasn't enough against the best defense they faced this year.

It's not fair to judge coaches strictly on what their players do, but it is the coach's job to create situations where his players have the best chance for success. Calipari missed multiple opportunities to do that when it counted most.

He should have called time out to set up his defense after going up three at the end of regulation. Even without setting up the d, his team missed committing the obvious non-shooting foul at midcourt with under ten seconds left. And finally, Calipari did not use a time out to set up a reasonable shot or chance to draw a foul after Chalmers tied the game.

I don't think bench coaching is nearly as important as it used to be, but it's not hard to spot when it is absent.

Danny Wright

As someone who was nearly-obnoxiously pulling for Memphis (selfishly because it might make Tennessee look a little better), I think the big difference was Kansas's ability to draw late-game fitness out of more mental toughness than what Memphis had. I would love to go back and figure out how many late-game situations (I'll define it as a close game with 5 minutes left) that Kansas was in this season. They did not have that exhausted body language that every Memphis player had.

Go back and watch when Kansas first went up by 6 in the OT. I don't know if it was CDR or Rose who was along the baseline as the ball went through the net, but all of the sudden you see the shoulders slouch and the "we're done" look for an instant.

Ed Cone

Kansas was deeper, and stronger at the finish. Woulda shoulda coulda, sure, but I don't think you can slam a team and a coach for their style when that style won them all those games and got them within one missed free throw of a championship.

keith brown


Ed Cone

Yeah that's been the subject of a lot of talk today. I had no problem with him attending the championship game, but I thought the sticker was a little much, esp. after the beating KU put on his team 48 hrs earlier.

keith brown

the least he could have done is wear a carolina blue sweater or something carolina blue

Danny Wright

Roy's no dummy -- you want the team that beat you to win the championship so you can say you lost to the best, if you had to lose. See, for Tennessee, they lost to Louisville who lost to UNC who lost to Kansas. That sucks. Well, at least the women did their part last night.

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