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Apr 01, 2008


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keith brown

oh well I tried to ask a ? about my pet project. I think I need to play the Genesis song "No reply at all", from Sen. Hagan. Hopefully she will be for it but if not there is still the long session heck what is a extra 7 months when Greensboro has been with out it for 37 years.


Thanks for the question, Keith. Kay did a nice job, and there are always more questions than answers.

I've found the way to get to an answer is to keep asking.

I hope her campaign staff will circle back to pick up loose ends.

keith brown

Me too
Thanks James

keith brown

this is it in a nut shell
11 questions 1 hour
constituent services
health care
military families
why i am running
outlying landing field

ththththtth thats all folks


Since you put it that way ... not too shabby. The last teevee debate I watched took about five minutes per question plus all the intro and closing BS ... which means they covered only six or seven questions in an hour.

Plus our stuff is still up ... and the campaign staffers are coming back to provide information where they can.

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