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Apr 02, 2008


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Hagan's position on telcom immunity troubles me. Her position, that the telcos did nothing wrong so they should be granted immunity rubs me the wrong way. It mirrors the same contempt for co-equal branches of government for which the Bush administration is infamous. Without an investigation, as might happen with a new Attorney General, or the discovery that might occur through civil actions, we will never be sure that the telcos did not break the law. To preempt that discovery is just wrong. It is, as one commenter at BlueNC put it, more of the same sickening double standard where the connected and powerful are put out of reach of the law.

I like Hagan for many other reasons, but this single issue seems to reveal a fundamental flaw in the understanding of the operation of American democracy. A change in her position on this issue would make it easy to vote for her.

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