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Apr 29, 2008


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I wondered how you pulled that off. There was no way my Wife was going to a blogging convention - even at MB.


I have a first cousin & her family in Conway, but they are major Tabasco fans! (She's from New Orleans, he's from New Jersey.) Texas Pete, of course, is completely inauthentic from a real Texan's point of view.

Ed Cone

If by inauthentic you mean "made in Winston-Salem instead of Louisiana," sure. I guess "North Carolina Pete" just doesn't have the same ring. But it was pretty damn good on my fish.


Dude, this is walking distance from my house. Next time you get down this way, give me a call!

That same two blocks you have the Trestle, both the restaurant and bakery, and Crady's. More eating than you can handle.

Ed Cone

Will do. This was a getaway weekend with Mrs Cone, and a very unscripted one at that -- but had I known you were so close, I would have rung you up.

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