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Apr 25, 2008


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I do not understand the significance of this photo. Please take a moment to explain.

Ed Cone

Not to be glib about it, but a lot of the significance is what you bring to it.

A family portrait. A moment in the life of a city that the photographer is documenting in her own way. A reiteration of madonna-and-child themes in art. A visual composition of color and space. The looks on their faces. Etc.

I'll ask the photog when she gets back from her run, she's not the talky type but maybe she'll have something to add.


I like the way that even though the little girl looks to be on the telephone with another, there's a ton of communication going on between her and the woman I assume is her mother.

cara michele

This is just amazing. One of my favorite Lisa photos so far. And that's saying something.


Thank you for your comments. I appreciate the meaning the photo can bring to others as far as content goes. However, I can easily see that the photograph is a snapshot, not a professional shot. This is why I was confused, as a new reader to your blog, as to why the photo was posted.

Ed Cone

Kristen, I'm not getting the distinction you make between a "snapshot" and a "professional shot." Are the two mutually exclusive?

You can see more of Lisa's work here and here.

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