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Apr 07, 2008


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NCDem Amy

Jim Neal's campaign manager, Andrew Kaine, has posted a response to Betsy's post on BlueNC:


Betsy Muse

Thanks for the props, Ed. To be clear, I have been a Neal supporter from the beginning. I was disappointed when I saw the Neal campaign go negative. Andrew Kain did respond and has explained some things, but what he says still doesn't always line up with what event organizers have said. I gave a list of the people I interviewed and while I doubt they want to receive tens of phone calls (I'm not that widely read) I did want to be as transparent as possible.

Thanks again,



The Tubes are a wonderment these days. We even had Lieutenant Governor Perdue swing by to clear up an old comment about the death penalty. Here's to transparency and discussion.


PS An earlier commenter noted, Neal camp has offered an equally detailed and thorough response, which is a compelling look at real-life campaign decision making. One of our commenters said: I support Betsy Muse and I support Jim Neal. That's pretty much how I see it too.

David Allen

It should also be noted that the Hagan campaign has ignored repeated questions from Pam Spaulding for clarification on Hagan's position on gay issues.

Pointedly ignored.


I'm not sure that the best way of achieving gay rights is to demand that all candidates speak out loudly in favor of them.

I'd rather have an elected official voting for gay rights quietly than a defeated activist who can't do anything but "speak out" as the anti-gay votes pile up. I want my children to live in a world where they are allowed to be whatever they want to be, and I believe that it's going to take votes in Congress to make that happen.


I screwed that comment up pretty bad. Can I get a take back?

A) I'm talking in generalities, not regarding any particular race, and B) I regret how easy it is to conclude from my second paragraph that I think that anyone who speaks out on gay rights will fail to get elected. I don't think that, and I apologize for giving that impression.

What I mean is that I'm less concerned about the speaking out and more concerned about the votes cast.

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