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Mar 27, 2008


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John Burns

They didn't anticipate that 1000 kids would reply in that time frame.

Anybody got a spare Greyhound?


I just spoke with my niece who is a Senior at Davidson this year and she said right now spaces on the bus are being handed out via a lottery system. The school is calling all over the southeast trying to find more buses. Who would have thought that 2/3 of the entire student body would sign up to go that fast. Unfortunatly, the bus Meredith is getting on is headed to Ga. Southern. She's Co-Captain of the women's tennis team and they have a match Saturday morning.


Can you imagine if he'd have Twittered it?


Update: They ended up with 6 buses and 275 kids on the way to Detroit. Go Wildcats!


Saturday 3/29/08. The Trustee's of Davidson College have hired 5 more buses to transport 250 more students to Detroit for the Midwest Regional Finals tomorrow.

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