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Mar 26, 2008


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I sure hope the ultimatum to the militia works ... stop fighting or else. But I fear it won't. We seem to be in a perpetual game of whack-a-mole. Things calm for awhile in one area, then explosive conflict in another area. I've always argued that the bad guys (and there are many of them, depending on your view) can easily wait us out. McCain says we'll be there for 50 to 100 years to accomplish our mission. Seems to me that "forever" might be a better estimate if you have that goal in mind.


"...and why". For the record, is this YOUR opinion as to why by way of adoption, or just the person you cut and pasted from? "...and why" seems to be an adoptive position to me.

Ed Cone

Like everything that appears on this site, it is a statement of lapidary if not metaphysical certainty.

And although I adopted it -- the waiting! the paperwork! -- I love it as my own.


That is unless it is proven false, in which case you will dismiss it merely as someone else's opinion that you found interesting.

After nearly two years, I think I finally understand all of the ground rules.

Ed Cone

It did take you an awfully long time to understand how a personal blog works, Sam, but good for you for sticking with it!

If the complex and interwoven explanation of what's happening in Iraq that I linked is somehow "proven false," then I will have found credible a story that turned out not to be true. Won't be the first time.

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