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Mar 31, 2008


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keith brown

i am trying to figure out how opensecrets makes it easier to raise money?So opensecrets can say well Joe #1 only gave 2,000 but I know he is loaded and can afford another 2,000 is that the case. I need to be enlightened on this because I am trying to get my hands on all this campaign giving and PACS.

Ed Cone

You use the site to see who gives a lot of money in order to target your fund-raising more accurately.

If two donors give you $100, and that's all that one has given while the other has given large amounts to other candidates, you know which one to call back.

keith brown

then you can also go to the Guilford County board of elections site to see everyones returns. That too will give you an indication on who is giving.

Ed Cone

Sure, but in a regional, statewide or national campaign, or for a candidate like Vernon who attracted national interest, a site that publishes data for a broader area will be more useful than one particular county site.

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