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Mar 05, 2008


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Thanks for posting this. Good stuff.

Fred Gregory

Dear Great Mentioner,

You neglected noting a one man dynamo & community activist, Ben Holder ( The Troublemaker) who has used his blog to inform the public about goings on that the agenda driven N & R won't touch and neglects for fear of offending this or that constituancy or official.

keith brown

Thanks ed for talking about the Protest Petition at Rotary Club, the more people talking about this issue the better.

Patrick Eakes

Thanks for posting. Wanted to be there, but life got in the way.

Ben Holder

I talked with two people that were at this meeting. Both of them called me to tell me that Ed Cone danced all around my name but did not mention it. In real life, the real world, Ed Cone hates citizen journalism. he likes for people to pretend to practice it. However, he does not want the establishment rocked.

Patrick Eakes

Someone please give Ben a hug.

Ben Holder

Patty Geeks,

if one is going to talk about bloggin' in this area and the Wray Fray it is kinda hard not to mention the Troublemaker. Here is a better idea for you Patty, why dont you hug deez nutz?

The Truth

Why don't we work out a schedule where a different one of us can tell Ben how great he is every day to keep him from crying, cursing and insulting people? It would be more efficient and save us all from having to hear him whine.

David Hoggard

I'll take Thursdays...

Ben, you are the greatest blogger in the whole entire world. They should have named it "Holder Journalism" instead of "Citizen Journalism" And you are lovable, too.

Ed Cone's pitiful efforts at blogging pale in comparison to your hard hitting style that is reminiscent of what Ric Flair would do with a keyboard if he only had a blog.

Ed Cone

Remember, I also suck at speech-writing.



You forgot smart. Ben is very, very smart. Don't believe me? Just ask him.

David Hoggard

(I only continue this because it is my day to do so....)

In addition to my above accolades, Ben is very, very smart.

And I also forgot to mention how much Cone sucks at speech-writing.

Ed Cone

Full disclosure: my delivery ain't so great, either.

Ben Holder

Much better.

Billy The Blogging Poet

So can somebody check the schedule and let me know when my day is?



Great post. What questions did you get from the non-bloggers?


Ed did talk directly about you--- "Let me finish you with a warning. The voice of the people is not always in tune."

Take your meds and lay off the whine. You can have some little nutz.

Ed Cone

A couple of questions about the credibility of web sources, including Wikipedia. I told them they had to be discerning readers, find "brands" they could trust, and remember that the front page of the NYT told us Saddam had WMD. A question about what local blogs to read, answered by sending them to We 101 and reminding them that their interests and tastes will drive their preferences. I forget the other question.

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